Nurse debut. Part 2

Julia continued to kiss me, and her fingers returned to my clitoris. I moaned and arched as her hot lips kissed my neck and chest. She also caressed herself and moaned. Emboldened, I began to stroke her body, breasts, smooth pubis, I felt like everything was burning below her. She removed her hand from her pussy and let me fondle her. I began to gently and gently caress her clitoris with my fingers, which made Julia arch and groan, crumple her breasts, pinching swollen nipples. We both caressed each other, our moans were probably heard throughout the small building of the clinic.

  • A-a-ah! Alenka … I … I am about to finish … ah-ah! – Julia arched, a shudder ran through her body and, having relaxed, the woman settled on the couch. At the same moment, I also began to violently end. And as soon as the orgasm was over, we began to kiss passionately.
  • Alain, have you changed your mind?
  • No…
  • Let’s go to my place? I do not live far away, and my husband will not be home until tomorrow evening …
  • Let’s go …

We got together, changed, and went to Yulia. She really lived nearby, just a 20-minute walk. Her apartment was small, but clean and comfortable.

  • Come on, I’m going to quickly go to the shower, and then you, okay?
  • Yes, good, Yul!
  • And then come to my bedroom! – she kissed me on the cheek and slapped my ass.

While she was washing, I looked at her family photos in frames, certificates and medals of her husband, he was some kind of athlete. When Julia came out of the bathroom, I immediately went to wash and, leaving, went into her bedroom. The woman, completely naked, was lying on the bed.

  • Come to me, dear!

I lay down next to her and Julia began to kiss me passionately, sinking lower and lower, she licked her neck, nipples, halos, belly, pubis with the tip of her tongue. And as soon as her tongue touched the clitoris, I groaned and arched and did not stop doing this until Julia stopped and got out of bed.

  • Losing virginity without a member is not a loss! – She took out a strap-on from the dresser and began to put it on. Then she lay down on top of me and kissed me.
  • Relax … – she whispered in my ear and I felt how a member rests against my pussy and how it slowly enters me. Then a little sharp jolt, pain for a couple of seconds, and it is completely in me. Julia begins to smoothly move her hips, kissing my lips and chest. I, grabbing the sheet with my hands, moan loudly with pleasure and soon I was covered with a violent orgasm. While I was lying and trying to catch my breath, Julia took off her strapon and lay down next to me.
  • Alain, did you have a boy?
  • Yes…
  • And you did not have sex with him?
  • Well … so … I was afraid of something … and that’s why I just jerked him off and gave him a blowjob … he usually finished in my mouth …
  • Did you like it?
  • Yes! I loved the feel of his hard cock in my hand and mouth and how hot cum fills my mouth!
  • Mmm, how I understand you, dear! – her hands stroke my body.
  • I’ll tell you something too! Somehow I was on duty and a call came from a young guy. Well, I came to him, measured the temperature, pressure, began to listen to him. And the guy is very handsome, about 18 years old … And then I notice he has a boner! It was as if something in my head was overwhelmed, I was instantly aroused, my panties got wet … I told him: sick, you need to relax! ”, And I put my hand on his penis and start jerking off. He looks at me blankly, but moans. And I already slide down and start sucking him, and then he just falls on the bed and groans. But he did not last long and quickly finished in my mouth.
  • What a lecher you are, Yul! – I kissed her.
  • Oh, yes, it happened once!
  • Yul … I also want to make it nice with the language, as you did to me …
  • Well, I don’t mind! – she smiled and spread her legs.

I slipped down, kissed her pussy, and then ran my tongue over it. Julia slightly arched. I decided not to stop and began to lick her all over, sucking on her lips and clitoris. The woman began to moan and bend over, caught the air with her hands and sometimes squeezed my head with her hips quite tightly. At some point, she got up, moaned and began to cum, squeezing me with her hands in her pussy. When she released me, I lay down next to her and Julia kissed me passionately.

  • Happy debut dear! It was wonderful!

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