One evening

I sat in my small room and watched another humorous TV series.

Boring, over time I became a realist and a pragmatist. The youthful carelessness and mischief disappeared somewhere. My girlfriends say I look gorgeous.

Well, yes, I try. All sorts of face masks, foundation in the morning, creams. Cosmetics are not cheap, but I feel that the devil who once lived in me has disappeared.

Yes, and my man is not hot. No, his dick is wonderful. And the diameter attracts me and the length is good, and the head is beautiful. Anything expensive to look at.

But I won’t say that the monster is a fucker. Although, what to complain about is not bad.

The serial is cool. I sit drinking black tea with herbal additives, waiting for the morning to have a hearty breakfast – in the evening I try not to eat – I try to keep my figure. The door opens slightly and my beloved looks in.

“Will we have a duty today?” he asks.

“Duty? Well, yes, it will, only I’m too lazy to ride on You. Come on, you will work “

“Well, then let’s go in the corridor.”

Eh. who said that the devil in me died. I got used to it. From the words about obscenity, my pussy began to moan. The legs gave way a little and I stomped into the living room. I looked at this shameless person and undressed. How I like him – he builds all his life from Himself a good boy’s share, and he is still a spoiled child. Behind such an eye and an eye. So, I take off my robe. Taking off my sports bra.

My boobs are big, fleshy, with small pink papillae. My cheeks are turning pink. But not out of shame. Yes, what a shame there is, but from the expectation that the fucking will begin soon. I pull off the panties.

My Darling pulls her pants down. His dick is already full. Ah, beauty. I’d rather stick it in. I take him by the arms and lead him into the corridor. I get up facing the wall and spread my legs a little bit. With a confident hand, I take his dick in my hand and direct it to my pussy. mmm. lovely. Come on!

My beloved pushed me against the wall and began to push me onto his penis, fingering the clitoris with one hand. well how. inside everything is throbbing, dizzy.

I moan quietly yes, yes, yes. I do not hear him at all, as I am in complete prostration. I gave myself completely to the fucking process. A wave of orgasm washed over me and I screamed. I don’t know how long my screams lasted.

The beloved continued to hammer me with his weapon. his movements became sharper and faster, and now he poured into me. He slowly took his dick out of my pussy. We stood and smiled at each other. They kissed on the lips. I wiped myself off with a damp cloth to remove traces of our closeness from the little legs. I put on a robe and went to watch the continuation of the series.

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