One for all

In the middle of summer, my husband and I decided to throw a party in the country. They invited friends, bought food and alcohol. To my surprise, only men came, saying that their halves were busy, that they felt bad and something else. Okay. The bathhouse was flooded, the husband lit the grill. We drank beer, chatted, grilled meat, gradually switching to stronger drinks. By the time we went to steam, I was already drunk enough and the fever finished me off. In an instant I discovered that I was sitting naked in the dressing room and everyone around was also naked, but I didn’t care. Someone turned on the music, and I jumped onto the table and began to dance on it, writhing sexually. Men applauded me happily, someone crumpled a member, and I felt that I was getting wet enough.

Going down from the table, I drank more beer, someone’s hands stroked my back, I turned around and rested a standing member in my face, without hesitation, I took it in my mouth and began to suck, running my tongue over the head. Two more members appeared near the face, which I began to jerk and take in my mouth in turn. All this happened to the approving applause of the other men. As soon as I turned to face the first member and was about to take it into my mouth, a volley of sperm flew into my face, hitting my mouth, nose and eyes. I was immediately turned to the second member, he roughly entered his mouth and began to fuck, while I did not stop jerking off the third. Suddenly, he abruptly drove the penis all the way into my mouth and I felt the sperm begin to fill him. As soon as his penis came out of my mouth, sperm flowed down my lips and chin, and after a couple of seconds the last member took its place and also began to hard have me in the mouth, but quickly pulled out the penis, jerked it off a bit and another portion of sperm flew onto my face …

While I was trying to catch my breath, my husband came up to me.

  • Honey, let’s go wash …

He took me into the house, across the yard I walked naked, took me into the shower room on the second floor and washed. Then he put me on the bed in the bedroom and began to lick my pussy greedily, I moaned loudly, grabbed the sheets with my hands. Suddenly something slapped my lips, I instinctively opened my mouth and there was someone’s penis in it, someone twitched my nipples and put a member in my palm. Having brought me to orgasm, my husband stopped licking and entered me (I won’t confuse his penis with anything!) And began to fuck me hard while I sucked and jerked off someone’s penises. Then my husband lay down on the bed and sat me down on top of his penis, someone put it in my mouth again, I felt something cold pouring down my butt, and then someone’s finger began to massage my anus and soon on his place was a member that slowly penetrated my ass.

I moaned loudly with bliss, it was extremely difficult to moan with a member in my mouth. The dicks in the ass and pussy moved asynchronously, forcing my brain to shut off, but the slaps on the buttocks returned to reality.

I began to cum violently, spewing even a stream of squirt on my husband’s pubis, but the members continued to move like pistons in me, bringing a new orgasm closer. The member in the ass pulsed and I felt how hot sperm fills me. Soon my husband pulled a penis out of my pussy and filled my stomach with sperm. I was seated with my ass on another penis, someone’s fingers were pulling at the clitoris, I already little understood what was happening, I was just fucked like a sex doll, using my holes to the maximum. I was twisted in different positions, all three holes were constantly filled with members, I was covered with orgasms again and again. The climax was that I was absolutely exhausted, almost unconscious, lying on the bed, and men, including my husband, jerked off at me, I was already covered with sperm, but the next portion was foreseen. Soon the men began to take turns to cum on me, I was all, from pussy to forehead, was in sperm.

  • Oh, Seryog, your wife is good! Tight, narrow! Fucking like the last time! It will be necessary to repeat! – I heard someone’s voice, falling into oblivion.

The next morning I woke up with a hangover, my husband told me that his friends had torn me up with him, my pussy and ass ached a little after yesterday, but I wanted to repeat all the orgasms I received.

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