Several weeks have passed since my husband brought home a device for turning me into an open from all sides. As he promised, not a day went by without a butt plug sticking out in me. The ass was so developed that it did not take much effort to penetrate me from behind, but only a slight pressure of the penis on the hole. The member slipped into the anus and began its movement there without any difficulty. So my husband liked having me much more, but I didn’t like it at all. I felt humiliated from the constant presence of a Christmas tree with a pear in me, even when I was doing housework, the cork stuck out in my anus and constantly reminded me that soon evening and nothing good awaits me.

On one of these evenings, the door opened and my husband came in along with some man. Muzchina was middle-aged, rather imposing, with a thick head of dark hair that gleamed with gray. I instinctively rushed to the closet to put on my robe, but my husband stopped me. _ There is nothing to be ashamed of, this is my boss, he wanted to look at you and your behavior and perhaps teach his wife to behave like that. I blushed, because I was not wearing anything – there was a cork in my butt, and a rubber hose with a pear at the end was attached to an elastic band that was tied around my waist. This is the only thing I was wearing – I fixed the wire with a pear so that they would not interfere with me while walking.

My husband took me to the chair in which the man sat. Meet Galya, and this is Anatoly Makarovich. Anatoly’s tenacious gaze first fell on my shaved pubis, and Anatoly grunted rather – I love a smooth pussy, only there are a lot of troubles with this – it takes a day not to shave, as he already starts injecting. nothing, – answered my husband, the main thing is to immediately teach that everything should be done conscientiously, and then she herself already knows how to do so that it does not cause inconvenience to me. Anatoly’s cold hands twisted me in all directions. Seeing traces of constant vice on his back and bottom, he whistled – but what about the cry? Do the neighbors complain? She probably hurts? and it seemed to me in his voice compassion for me. she would try to complain. will quickly receive additives with birch porridge. By the way – Anatoly asked – about porridge, what can you use to smack? What do you want? The main thing is to cross the border when she can enjoy whipping and whipping until she begins to receive real pain, so that she knows her place!

Want to try? Anatoly’s eyes lit up with a bad light and he nodded, swallowing his saliva, unable to agree. Go to the place and get ready, my husband ordered me. I obediently went into the kitchen and, pulling out a folding bench in the middle of the kitchen, lay down on it. The men who entered after me immediately began to discuss how to whip me this time so that I would not lose consciousness, but would only become embittered and could please Anatoly if he wanted to fuck me. Hearing a whistle in the air, I dismissed the body and wagged after the belt that fell on my body so that the belt would not cut the skin on my butt, but my husband noticed my trick and stopped the swung boss. Wait, let me tie her up, otherwise she is very smart and left the kitchen. When he returned with two wide towels and grabbed the hands and below the knees with towels, I realized that there would be no mercy. I no longer had the opportunity to not only dodge, but also just move, all that remained was to take blows and try not to squeal in pain so as not to receive supplements.

The first few blows were delivered clumsily and with obvious apprehension, but then … It can be seen that from the sight of a woman trembling and covered with sweat from pain, he began to enjoy himself and even growled, striking me more and more blows. They rained down on the ass, on the back and on the legs almost without stopping, and my husband barely stopped him – wait a minute, you also need to know the measure, otherwise she will not get up. Then they untied me and jerked me to my feet, but only in order to immediately tilt forward and with a sharp blow of my hand force my buttocks to open as wide as possible. From the hole that opened in front of his gaze, which from the constant wearing of the cork was no longer closed to the end, but was constantly in a slightly open state, Anatoly came on alert and in one jerk put me on his penis, which immediately began to work with the speed of a jackhammer.

His penis was huge, not like my husband’s penis, which also did not differ in miniature size and the hole turned out to be tight for him, but friction from the walls of the anus made him even more excited and despite my cries and pleas to stop, otherwise he told me everything there will tear, he did not stop until he finished. My husband threw me a towel, ordering me to wipe myself and then wipe the floors, there were traces of sperm stained with blood from my torn hole on the towel. Barely rearranging my legs and feeling a burning sensation in the anus, I stood in the middle of the kitchen and waited for further orders from now two of my tormentors. Having lounged enough on the kitchen sofa, Anatoly sipped brandy from a glass and looked with pleasure at the work of his own hands, and not only his hands.

It turns out that you and I did little work on your ass – you see, Anatoly Makarovich was a little cramped. So let’s continue working on bugs! or here, – my husband ordered me. I walked over and obeying his gesture turned my back to them and leaned forward. Spread your legs wider, well, even wider, and a plug was stuck in my ass and began to pump it to the very limit. I gasped in pain, but no one paid attention to my reaction. Only after patting my hard ass, which clenched from every touch of unbearable pain, they sent me into the room, graciously allowing me to rest. Falling face down on the bed, I burst into tears with pain and the feeling that this was not the end of my today’s adventures …

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