My best friend invited me to his 35th birthday, and I decided to take my beautiful wife with me. My wife is really beautiful. Yulka has long brown hair, a young-looking face, with plump lips and green eyes, her body is adorned with a lovely elastic chest, a slender figure, a narrow waist, and if you go down below, you can endlessly admire her magnificent ass and sexy hips. Oleg decided to celebrate the holiday at home in the company of 5-6 friends, including us.

Arriving at the address, we went up to the desired floor and knocked on the apartment.

  • Hello! Come in, – Oleg greeted.

We smiled in a friendly way, and I caught my friend’s interested glance at Yulka, who was wearing a red bodycon dress. I was pleased that he liked my wife and was proud of her beauty. It was cozy and spacious inside, Oleg immediately sat us down at the table, on which there were many dishes and alcohol.

“Well, for you,” I said, raising my glass of wine.

We ate and drank for about three hours, until all of a sudden everyone started to leave. Indeed, it was not as fun as expected, in the end we were the three of us, and Julia and I also wanted to leave. Throughout the evening I noticed how much Julia drinks, and Oleg too.

  • Okay, we … Come on, – the wife began.
  • Well, wait, sit still, – asked Oleg.
  • True, we have to go, we sat too long, – she said.
  • Honey, sit still here, over there, even Andryukha doesn’t whine, – he continued, putting his hand on Yulia’s thigh.

“You have such a beautiful wife, Andryukh,” he said, stroking her thigh, lifting her dress higher and higher.

I sat and wondered. And the fact that he allows himself, and the fact that Julia does not resist. Julia was sitting on the couch, and Andrei next to her, the dress pulled up so hard that you could see her wet white panties. Yes, wet, Yulia liked his touch! As soon as Oleg’s fingers touched the most intimate place of my wife, I decided to say:

  • Oleg … You went overboard, stop it.
  • Can’t you see what she likes? Yes Dear? He replied, approaching her face.

Yulia was sitting with a sly face, which tried to hold back a reassuring smile. Oleg came too close and kissed my wife, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, and she began to reciprocate, hugging Oleg by the shoulders. I sat rooted to the spot, I wanted to push my friend away, but something stopped me. I moved in my pants, I … I liked it, I liked seeing my wife with another. Putting my hand on Julia’s thigh, I “intercepted” her lips from Oleg and tried to kiss her.

  • Wait, honey, let me try with him, – Julia whispered to me.

I nodded and watched my best friend kiss my wife, brazenly pawing her breasts, stroking her panties. Yulka began to massage Oleg’s penis through his trousers, deftly unbuttoning the button and fly. When the lock of the pants was opened, Oleg got up from the sofa, sticking his penis out of his panties. I, too, did not sit still and took off my underwear, exposing my boner.

The wife obediently grabbed two units and began to jerk off slowly, approaching Oleg’s penis. Grasping the head of his penis with her lips, Julia began to gently and diligently suck my friend off, greedily licking the balls, almost swallowing them. Running her tongue along the powerful trunk, she sucked it up to the throat, while Oleg moaned very loudly, pushing Julia’s head with his hands. Finally, she clung to my toy, to which she was already accustomed and licked it somehow, then returned to Oleg’s penis. I liked it. I liked the fact that she sucked another with great interest, although he was a little jealous.

Rising from her knees, Julia stared at Oleg’s lips, and he brazenly pawed her ass, unbuttoning her dress, which immediately fell to the floor, exposing her charms. Oleg grabbed the swollen nipples of my wife, who was mumbling something while sucking my cock. After kissing Julia’s boobs and belly, he went down to the wet pussy and pulled down her panties. A clean-shaven pussy, from which droplets of lubricant dripped, began to enjoy Oleg’s clearly skillful tongue and lips. Forcibly turning Julia cancer, he inserted his exhausted boner right into her vagina and began to fuck her, as if he had not done this for a hundred years. He spanked her ass, moaned, Julia moaned and continued to suck me. After a few minutes of fucking, Oleg finished. Thick streams of sperm splattered Yulia’s entire back and ass, and after that I dropped it on my wife’s face.

  • Did you sit too long?

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