Payment for the night. Part 2

And not one. Anton finished a lot. Sperm ran down my chin and splattered my blouse. I began to masturbate a member more slowly. Anton took the penis from my hand and put it in my mouth. I “washed” him with my saliva and kissed the head passionately. He put his cock in his pants and said

  • Yes … you suck great.
  • And you thought! I grinned. – give wine here.

Anton poured me a full two-hundred-gram mug and I drank it in one fell swoop. During oral sex, the sperm seemed tasty to me, but now there was an unpleasant residue in my mouth.

After drinking the wine, I staggered, got up, in one motion pulled down my stockings along with wet panties and plopped my bare ass back onto the sofa, spreading my legs. Looking at Anton, she began to masturbate slowly, sometimes licking her finger.

  • Will you lick my pussy? I asked languidly. Anton looked at how I masturbate and I clearly saw a mound growing on his pants. And he is great. Another half hour has not passed, and he is already “in shape” again. I stuck my finger deep in my pussy and bent over from the high. – Come to me … – I whispered. – I want to suck your cock.

Anton came up to me and I jerked off his pants, since they were on an elastic band. A member of his funny jumped up, freed from the “heavy fetters”. I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to my mouth. Anton knelt on the sofa and stuck his penis into my mouth. I pulled it out and whispered, “Jerk off. I want you to jerk off in my mouth. ” A wave of brutal desire swept over me. The wet cunt demanded to be shoved into it, but I decided to be a blowjob today. Anton quickly twitched his hand, and I sometimes touched the purple tongue from the tension of the head of his penis, shyly looking at his face. He looked directly at me. Then he could not stand it and with a sharp movement he thrust his dick into my mouth up to the balls. I almost choked, and Anton began to fuck me madly, grabbing my hair with his hand. I was wildly aroused by such compulsion, and I myself began to sit with my lips on his penis with pleasure in time. This could not go on for a long time, and soon Anton poured a second portion of sperm into my mouth.

I almost choked. He finished more than last time. True, he finished as soon as he stopped and just kept his dick in my mouth. And I swallowed hot salty semen. Then she licked his entire penis, sucked balls and slowly put his pants on Anton. She took his hand and pulled him to her pussy. He immediately dug his lips into her. I removed my hand and turned slightly and lay down on the sofa. Lizal Anton skillfully, I immediately felt it. And when he started fucking me with his hands at the same time in the ass and in the pussy, I had such a long orgasm that I forgot about everything in the world. She just grabbed him by the head and crawled his face over her pussy. He didn’t mind. When the passions subsided, I woke up on the couch, with a bulging cunt, fucked in the mouth and in the ass and thought, why did I come here at all? In this random town on my way? At the age of 19 I have already visited many cities of our vast Motherland. For hitchhiking – in kind, for an overnight stay – in kind, for lunch – in kind. I decided not to ask myself questions, and put the experience gained today into my personal piggy bank. And I was surprised that I get high because they forcefully fuck me in the mouth. These are the passions.

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