Payment for the night. Part 1

That evening I was invited to spend the night with the boys in the basement. In the evening, having dressed up and putting on my lips with my mother’s bright red lipstick, I reached the right house and went down the steps, pressed the bell button. Pressed, as warned 2 long, 2 short and again long. A minute later, steps were heard from the other side and someone’s voice asked

  • Who’s there?

“Open it,” I said. – Coldly.

The door banged a bolt and I stepped into the twilight. The guy behind me closed the door and led me down the corridor to the room they had done quite comfortably.

There was no one in the basement but us yet. I asked when the others would come. Boy Anton said he didn’t know. I took off my sheepskin coat and threw it on the sofa, next to the porn magazine. On the cover, a girl was sucking off a black stallion. I was no longer little and knew what she was doing. However, before I had to suck only twice. But I knew that blowjob for boys was almost the highest pleasure. For a long time, at home, I still tried on cucumbers and sausages, but this is not the same. Anton offered me wine. I agreed. An hour later we finished the second bottle and there were three more in the refrigerator. Horror! Anton and I chatted about all sorts of things and time flew by quickly. Having drunk a lot of wine, we sat down on the sofa with him and began to discuss pictures in a porn magazine. When I was drunk I declared that I had already learned to suck and all these sluts and my little finger were not worth it. Anton just grinned and said to me … “Weak!” I was angry with him. He invited me to demonstrate my experience. I said that I would have another glass of wine and suck off his cock so that he would never forget it. He stood in front of me and unbuttoned his fly. I saw an already hardened member and took it in my hand, licked my tongue. He lifted his head up and shuddered. I chuckled to myself. Here you are! As soon as you take your dick in your mouth, you immediately melt. I began to suck faster, working with my tongue. Anton took my head with his hands and began to fuck me in the mouth. I felt like a member rests against my throat. Anton had it big and fat, like the sausage on which I trained. The longer he fucked me in the mouth, the more excited I became. The panties were already wet and I, sticking my hand into my crotch that had become very hot, began to rub my pussy. With my other hand, I grabbed Anton’s dick and pulled it out of my mouth, began to masturbate. He looked at me. I smiled and put my tongue under the head of his cock. He suddenly hissed and tensed. I began to masturbate even faster and stuck out my tongue even further. I have long wanted to taste the sperm, but somehow the case was not presented. I had almost finished myself when a salty viscous stream hit my mouth.

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