Penetrated by force. Part 1

I finished school, jerked off, and I had idols. For example, my sister’s friend Ksyusha. I looked at the photo on her instagram and filled my lustful palms with sperm. She hung out all day in the gym, so you yourself can guess what kind of body she had. Gorgeous.

And she was 19 years old. And she was stupid even for me. But everyone wanted to fuck her, because for this and only for this the Lord created her. Instachica, with long pumped legs, a gorgeous bulging ass and embossed abs, plump lips. she captivated me so much that I began to drag her into the gym and follow her. She went mostly in the evenings, and it was summer, July, and I was happy to contemplate her sweaty shiny body in the sunset rays.

Its path ran through an abandoned construction site overgrown with burdocks, on both sides of which there were garages. The narrow beaten path was not lit, but Ksyu did not care. That’s how I got my first porn in real life. That late evening I followed Xue as usual. It was already dark and I followed her through this unlit path. The path was short, three hundred meters. I walked further, from behind, looking at her tanned ass flashing in the twilight in super-short shorts, and athletic legs. The figure of Ksyu loomed ahead. And then I noticed how a shadow drove out of the darkness of the garages. It all happened quickly. The shadow pounced on Ksyusha. I heard her ringing squeak, and mooing through her hand pressed to my mouth. I wanted to scream, but fear paralyzed me. There was no one around. I heard a loud raucous whisper

  • If you scream, I will cut you.

I did not see what was happening, but it seems the shadow pulled Ksyusha strongly and dragged her towards the construction site. Then I guessed what was happening and excitement seized me. The first thought was to call for help, but I reasoned that first I need to figure out where exactly to lead the help. I cautiously and imperceptibly followed the shadow and captured Ksyu. I made my way through the bushes and found myself in a huge concrete box, overgrown with burdocks and bushes, in which I stood. Ahead was a concrete platform illuminated by the lights of neighboring houses and on it stood a huge wooden shabby table on which Ksyusha was now sitting, meekly raising her hands up, while the shadow, which now, as I could see, was some kind of unkempt uncle of old age, licked Ksyusha’s armpits. I looked closer and saw in his right hand his small penknife. The bum’s tongue slowly licked the girl’s armpits. Ksyu sat in a daze with her hands raised up. The bum licked one or the other of the girl’s armpit with a champ.

  • I caught a tasty goat, – he muttered, running his free hand under Ksyushin’s topic.

At that moment my penis was swollen.

  • It means you don’t wear a bodice …

The homeless man began to hammer Ksyusha’s boobs, muttering hoarsely

  • Oh, what elastic …

“Stop,” Ksenia said resolutely. “There are a lot of people walking around here, they will find you and put you in prison!” Ksyusha pushed the bum’s hand with which he crumpled her boobs.

The bum burst out laughing and raising his penknife to the girl’s face said

  • While they find, I’ll have time to fuck you a hundred times.
  • You will be jailed …
  • Well, let them plant them. You are not ssy, I am clean, you will not pick up anything. If you stick around, I’ll cut it. Lift the handles.

And the bum again began to lick Ksyushin’s armpits, grunting with pleasure. I looked at Ksyusha’s face, but did not see signs of fear or despair on it. Only disgust and resentment. The homeless man took out a standing dick from his pants, which was as thick as Ksyusha’s wrist.

“Do you like it?” He asked her. – Here I will fuck you.

  • No!
  • What is not? Yes!

The homeless man climbed up to Ksyusha and began to pull off her shorts.

“Help!” The girl shouted, “but the blade of the knife touched my neck.

The bum pulled the rope on the shorts, but it looks like he tied a knot. He did not stand on ceremony and just cut it, and pulled off the shorts from Ksyusha, revealing a beautiful smooth-shaven pubis. The homeless man was stunned by beauty for a second, then put his dirty hand on Ksyushin’s relief belly and began to stroke him, touching his pubis and pussy. He growled with pleasure.

  • Oh, what a beauty … I’ll screw you up here … until you lose consciousness …

Ksyusha looked around in the hope of seeing a silhouette or hearing the sounds of people, but everything was quiet. The homeless man stroked Ksyu’s body, her hips, boobs, belly. He took off her shoes and began to sniff her sneakers, jerking off his cock. The homeless man blocked my view, and I decided to get closer. Quietly making my way through the bushes, I heard abrupt remarks.

-… no!

  • … the bitch is delicious …

Then there was silence, and there was a drawn-out Ksyushin groan. Then there was silence again, and I began to make out the hoarse, bummed hoots.

When I got to the observation point, Ksyusha was already fucked. The bum mercilessly pounded her pussy with his unwashed dick, simultaneously licking Ksyusha’s right foot. I was not so far away, and I could see Xenia’s face, wrinkled with disgust. She looked at how the bum’s cock enters her, and her mouth opened with a resounding groan of resentment. A homeless man with a chomp licked Ksyusha’s foot and fingers, quickly moving his pelvis, and driving his dick into a neat girl’s pussy. The muffled groans of both turned me on a little. The bum wheezed in a bass, and Ksenia echoed him in a sonorous voice. Ksyusha’s foot fell out of the bum’s mouth, and the bum completely focused on hilling the beauty. His dirty hands crawled under Ksyushin’s top and began to fumble under it. Of course, he continued to move his pelvis just as powerfully. The bum’s hands closed on strong young boobs, and began to wrinkle them. Ksyusha was either moaning or growling. Her face was twisted with anger, and her hands, which the bum for some reason did not tied, either constantly rummaged around in search of salvation, or Ksyusha defended herself from attempts by the bum to suck her in. It seems that it was enough for her to be fucked without her desire and approval.

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