Penetrated by force. Part 2

The bum, meanwhile, switched to Ksyusha’s left foot, and sucked it with the same thoroughness. He hummed with pleasure, as if he was tasting a delicious cake. From here, I could clearly see how a thick penis enters a narrow young pussy, and how Ksyusha’s pumped up press strains with every thrust. I looked at the girl’s beautiful, embossed pubis, smooth-shaven, separated by a white strip from the tanned skin, and a tanned embossed belly. The member entered this beautiful pubis, and I imagined that he was somewhere inside Ksyu’s brown belly. The homeless man licked the girl’s feet with gusto and smacking his lips. I decided to get closer. Making my way through the bushes, I could only hear the moans of Ksyusha and the bass of a bum who grunt happily, fucking a young girl with an excellent body. Everything was quiet for a minute. I froze too. But then there was a spanking and Ksyushin scream.

I hastened to find a place to view and look out. Ksyusha was now standing with cancer, her back strongly arched and her gorgeous ass was pulled off. The homeless man wielded from behind, not sparing Ksyusha for a second. He fucked her mercilessly. The relief of the bare back and shoulders, carved in the gym, and now gleaming in the glow of the dim lanterns, tanned firm thighs and calves trained on an exercise bike, brown hair pulled into a tight ponytail, revealing a chiseled, handsome face with puffy lips, which now had a cute grimace on it. Ksyusha groaned, twitching to the beat of the jolts. The hands of the bum with a clang flopped down on my so beloved hips, and began to crawl up and down them. The bum said something in a husky bass, and sometimes chuckled. His dirty hands fumbled over Ksyusha’s body, and I saw how his dick sticking out of torn jeans entered her pussy. I could only guess what Ksenia was feeling, but most of all I was excited for some reason by the hoarse moans of a bum. I watched as he pushes his dirty dick inside a young pussy, crumples Ksyu’s gorgeous sporty tits and moans from the buzz. I decided to change the angle a little, and squatted through the bushes a little to the right. Now I could clearly see how a bum dick enters the loose pussy. The bum firmly took Ksyusha by the hips, and began to quickly fuck her. Ksyusha screamed and turned to the bum. I looked at her ass swaying from pushes and was mesmerized.

“Filthy brute!” Xenia cried out.

The bum laughed and said

  • For this you will suck.

And he continued to fuck Ksyusha with all his might. Ksyu failed to respond to his reply, and only squealed. The bum growled and drove a dick into the girl’s tight pussy. I watched this exciting performance with my mouth open. And then I caught myself thinking that I was watching the rape, and did not interfere with it in any way. This is wrong! But what could I do? Go and find a police officer? And what will I tell him? Uncle, is a girl being raped in the bushes by some bum? Where can I find a police officer? You say I could have called, but I didn’t know where we were! And suddenly, if I leave …

A loud roar of a bum pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked up quickly. Ksyusha was sitting on her knees, her head thrown back up, and the homeless man held her by the hair on the back of her head and jerked off her cock, poured sperm onto her face. White semen filled the girl’s tanned beautiful face. The homeless man drove a cumming dick over Ksyu’s lips, leaving a white mark on them. The girl’s face was wrinkled in disgust. The bum buried the already falling dick in Ksyu’s lips and moved his head, smearing the sperm. Ksenia spat and turned away, but the bum chuckled hoarsely and hit her on the cheeks with a member. I heard the spanking and bass laughter of a bum.

  • Don’t like my cum? What are you wincing?

He stood with his back, and covered my entire view. I decided to move closer. I dived into the bushes, and then I heard

  • Do you want to wash? I’ll pour it on you. Sit down exactly!

I was intrigued but couldn’t see what was happening. Glancing briefly into the crack of the bushes, I saw that the bum was again turning the knife in his hands. I decided to sacrifice the perfect angle and chose a good one. Now I completely saw Xenia, sitting almost opposite me, and a bum standing over her. Ksyusha closed her eyes as if expecting a blow, but her hands rested tightly on her knees. What’s happening? The bum froze for a second. There was a pause. And then I saw a powerful yellow jet hit Ksyusha’s face. He pissed on her! The homeless man drove his dick, and the jet flooded the girl’s entire face, washing off the white semen. Ksyusha screwed up her eyes and snorted her lips.

  • Do you smell beer? Do you feel it?

Urine ran down Ksyu’s plump lips onto the topic. The jet weakened, and the bum poured the remnants onto an already thoroughly wet topic, because of which it now adhered to Ksyusha’s naked boobs and they shone through him.

  • Lucky you, goat, – said the bum, hiding his penis in his pants, – I can’t throw more than one stick, I became old.

The bum slowly recoiled from her, and wandered into the bushes, muttering something under his breath. I watched, fascinated, as Ksyusha slowly got up, and, finding the bag, took out a towel. She dried herself off.

“You dirty bastard,” the girl muttered. Then she found the battered shorts and pulled them on. Then I found the sneakers scattered in different corners.

Ksyusha put on her shoes and, as if nothing had happened, went back to the sports complex. I followed her to the front desk. Ksyu went to the shower.

A week later, new photos began to appear on her Instagram, a lot of time has passed since then, and everything is fine with Ksyu. It seems that someone told me that in the company of her friends she somehow shared with them her “unusual sexual experience.”

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