Police Story

I have a buttoned skirt in the front, so you can open it – and without the skirt. Sometimes, especially on long autumn evenings, I feel sad and want to shake myself up a little, do a little stupidity. So, then I get into the car and drive, drive along the deserted evening streets of our respectable, boring town. I unfasten the fastener and thus remain without a skirt, only in stockings and a belt with garters. I stop at a traffic light, and someone drives up and stands nearby.

He does not see that there is almost nothing on me below, he looks at me, I look at him – an interesting, exciting feeling. Only you need to drive carefully – God forbid, the police stop it, that’s the horror that will be! I imagine myself speeding somewhere in a dark, deserted alley. Out of nowhere a police car – flashing lights, siren. I stop and sit – I can’t move, and I can’t find the skirt on the floor of the car right away. The policeman approaches, but I cannot open the window – I sit with my knees clasped and hiding my bare thighs. He knocks on me and orders me to get out of the car, I do not move. He pulls out a pistol, I, all red with shame, in tears, open the door. I have to obey, go out, spread my legs to stand, bend over and lean on the hood of the car. Then he comes closer with his flashlight, and finally notices in what form I am. He is silent, and he is shaking me with a small shiver.

  • “So, speeding, police resistance, and appearing in a public place in an inappropriate manner … Do you have a weapon?” – he says, comes close to me, runs his hands under my armpits, squats, runs along the outer and then along the inner side of the thighs. His face is so close to my white, naked and defenseless ass. He gets up, rests the police baton on my back. I am no longer trembling a shallow tremor – I am pounding in earnest, I am all wet with fear and excitement. He lowers his club lower, even lower, now it is between my legs. He strongly presses her against my crotch, crushing and pushing wide my burning, blazing vulva. My swollen, hot clitoris touches the cold baton and itches terribly, but my hands are on the hood of the car and cannot be removed, and I start slowly at first, then faster and faster to move my back towards his baton. He stands motionless for a while, then removes the baton and says:
  • “Madam, for your tricks you deserve a good spanking, let’s get your ass here” – with these words he takes off his belt and very painfully flogs me on my bare bottom. I flinch from each blow, trying to dodge the burning pain in my buttocks, but I do not say a word, only stifled moans erupt from my chest.
  • “Well, you’ve been punished enough.” He says, fastening his belt. I still hope that this is just a prelude, and he will now take possession of me, like this, standing behind, rudely and in no way can I believe that this is all, he leaves, gets into the car, turns off the flashing lights and drives away. In exhaustion I turn around, exhausted I squat down, touching the cold asphalt with my wet, hot bottom …

Then I finally burst into tears, out loud, without hesitation. So I sat on the asphalt and smeared salty tears and makeup on my cheeks …

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