Punishment for beauty. Part 1

It was a hot summer, but work always came first for Alexa. Even on the hottest days, she dressed in business: a black three-piece suit and a blouse. She is a persistent and tough employee in a law office. Despite her beauty (fifth measurement breast, thin waist and appetizing ass) she was tough with everyone: clients, the boss who always strove to grab her appetizing ass, or look into the luxurious size 5 breasts. Even with my ex. Now, walking home through the wasteland after hearing another case on the fact of fraud, she wondered how people take such a risk? And so immersed in her thoughts, she did not notice the young man right in front of him riding a bicycle, when suddenly he fell and began to moan in pain. She flew up to him and wanted to help, as another came out of the stopped car and offered help.

  • The girl seems to have a broken arm. Help carry him to the car, I’ll take him to the hospital.
  • Okay. – She said, when suddenly they took her and dragged her to the car, at the same time pinching her nose with a rag and a stinking mixture. And her mind was clouded with fog.
    So, then coming to their senses and hearing snatches of phrases, then falling back into unconsciousness, they drove.

It was uncomfortable to wake up, my neck seemed to be shackled, my arms and legs were numb. There was a gag in his mouth.

  • Oh, our Sleeping bitch woke up !!! Hey B, look what kind of material we have to work with.
  • Wow, look, exactly, Ty. The seller told the truth. And the Master will be pleased. He said that it should be easy for now, He likes these: ice outside, fire inside. Nothing, bitch, you will be submissive.
    Alexa did not understand what was happening. Apparently, someone sold it, but a certain Boss bought it ?! “Well, I do not!!! I won’t be your bed toy, Alexa thought. “I have to get out!”

I looked around the room in which I was and trembled in fear. No, of course, I am quite liberated in matters of sex, but This … In the dark room there were many tools, and one single door, and the walls were decorated with mirrors! I started kicking, and immediately approached me:

  • Enough, bitch. You can’t get out of here. You are on an island in the ocean. Nobody can help you here. And if you accept everything, you will receive encouragement. Did I explain clearly ?! I nodded.
  • All right, good. It’s time, B. Pussy must take its punishment!
    I started kicking, but my hands were grabbed and chained, bandaged and hung. Then my legs were spread and hung by the hooks. A lump rolled up to my throat, but I held back a groan of pain and tears. After that, Tee came over and pulled the rag out of my mouth.
  • Come on, let me go! You have no right … And then my head darted to the side, and the blow of the second burned my cheek.
  • You got it, bitch !!! You won’t say a word more !!! Tee, get a new one, we’ll shut our mouths for this bastard !! Wow, damn it, it still bites !!!

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