Punishment for beauty. Part 2

A second blow immediately burned my cheek. I saw the legs of the second and they quickly put something in my mouth, which made me instantly cough. My ears caught a click on the back of my head, and I understood my verdict – it was a dilator with a penis gag.

  • Listen here, From now on you are a powerless stupid bitch, you will do what they say. Tee, let’s start with the body. The host is waiting for guests, we need to be in time.
    “What? What’s going on here? Why am I here? Who sold me? Who bought me? ” A lot of questions were spinning in my head, but there were no answers. They put a collar and spikes around my neck. Electric suction cups were attached to the breasts, near the navel, on the pubis. I started to get excited. Clips were attached to the nipples. A groan escaped me involuntarily. Then a vacuum pump was attached to my chest and began to pump it. The chest ached painfully, demanding immediate caress, the nipples became even larger, and, despite the pain from the clamps, they asked for more. Spreading my legs wider, they began to deal with my ass.
  • And your ass is intact, you whore! Nothing, fix it. Although, you were playing with her, whore !!
    And here I was very scared. Where did they get this information? After all, only her ex – Dan knew about it !!! But the thought remained, because I felt that something was being thrust into my ass. 10 pieces!! But even this thought faded into the background, because they vibrated. Mmmm … My ass itself gave in so abruptly that it made these freaks laugh.
  • Look what a slut! – After watching my useless attempts to push the balls out, they continued. Feeling the pressure on the sphincter ring, I let out another groan and realized that I was beginning to leak. At the same moment, a narrow vibrator entered my ass, responding with mild pain and giving way to pleasure. Mmm … I want more … Suddenly the delicate skin on the buttocks and perineum burned. Seeing a candle flame in the mirror, I became even more excited. My tormentors began to torture my back, chest and legs in this way. While one tortured me with candles, the other took care of my pussy and clitoris. Placing a “butterfly” on my clitoris, I was arched from the surging sensations.
  • Did I let my toy move? I am your Master, and you will only do what I command! – I heard a voice. He was walking on the other side of the mirror! At the same time, I was shocked. I screamed, but didn’t twitch.
  • You are mine!!! – current. Moan. – I am the Master !!! – Again the current. Hiss. – You are a toy !!! – Stronger tension.
    I hated and loved my body, which began to betray me and drown in excitement and pain.
    In the meantime, they started to inject something into my pussy. And it was alive! ACNE!!! And my pussy was corked. Feeling the rubbing of an eel in the uterus, balls in the ass, stimulation near the clitoris and sphincter, I almost finished. Holding on to his unbroken pride and to avoid being attacked by these freaks. When they finished their work, they hung a weight on each of my legs, which brought me to an almost vertical position.
  • Be your rider today, bitch!
    Having brought out the iron “horse” under me, my tormentors left, saying at last that my punishment was just beginning.

As soon as Alexa wanted to jerk, her tired legs pulled her down onto the horse, which made her torture even more painful, because as soon as she touched the horse, her crotch ached from an electric charge. The thought crept into her head that this was only the beginning of her long journey as a slave.

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