Punishment for betrayal

My dear and beloved wife and I have been living for a long time, as much as five years. She’s a rare beauty. Legs from the ears, a beautiful face, a second size breast, a slender figure and a clean-shaven pussy. But all the same, after so many years, I, as a decent man, began to cheat, well, if not left and right, then quite often. I don’t know how she found out. I learned about several of my sexual adventures. One day I came home, my beauty met me and asked

  • Do you love me?
  • Well, of course my swallow.
  • Why are you cheating on me.

I was taken aback, let’s excuse ourselves.

  • She says if you love, then at least do not lie. And she told me about my four girlfriends, how, when, how much, and so on. He says if you love, then admit it, there will be no scandal only if you fulfill my wishes. What I want is what you will do.
  • I confessed that there really was no scandal, only smiles strangely and says, my conditions are like that. Either we get divorced or I will sleep with men, at our discretion and taste.
  • I hesitated, hesitated, well, what to do, reluctance to get divorced, I love it and agreed.
  • She smiled and said that I will be present
  • And I think, well, to hell with him, I agree

The next day I came home from work, my wife came back the same, but not alone with the peasant. Damn, everything is like a fairy tale, I sent him to the bath, I washed myself. In dressing gowns we went into our matrimonial bedroom. His robe is mine. Take off your clothes. wife says warm me up, for my love prone. Get on your knees and lick my pussy. I got down on my knees, I enjoy licking, and this member sits rubbing, then I pushed him away and invited me. She ordered that I put his member into it myself, and did so. he fucked her in full, but strangely enough, I was very silino excited, just a little crumpled penis and immediately finished. The wife noticed, smiles and asks:

  • Like?

I didn’t answer.

  • Another question. Like it or not?
  • Yes, I mumbled.
  • Well, that’s wonderful, we’ll repeat it tomorrow

It was ordered to wash it off, which I did

What remained to be done. I agreed. Tomorrow everything was the same as before, only I was strictly forbidden to touch my penis without permission and I had to watch very closely how he has it. He went into it, fucks, I sit close and look. I got aroused again, approached so that I see how his piston moves a few centimeters from me. I could not resist and licked her pussy, sweat again and again. I didn’t even notice how I got carried away and lick not only her pussy, but I manage to lick him and his dick. He and she finished violently.

I was ordered to lick her pussy with my tongue, which I gladly did. Then I was ordered to lick his cock. At first it was unpleasant, but overpowered himself, licked and stuffed it into his mouth. I don’t know what happened to me, but I began to suck him until he got up again, the peasant, rocking systematically, fucked me in the mouth until he finished. I tried to swallow everything, almost succeeded. The wife says:

  • Now you are ready
  • To what?

They sat on the sofa, I stand

  • Listen to me carefully
  • I’m listening to
  • You are listening inattentively, come closer and kneel in front of us.

I hesitated

  • Well, why are you suffering, like sucking a dick, you were not ashamed, but how do you get down on your knees now?

Came up stood up

  • From this day on, Kiril will live with us. I’m not going to divorce you. you will be our slave. I am your mistress and he is your master. If you don’t agree, then at your job everyone will know that you sucked.

I realized what trap I had fallen into and silently nodded. As a sign of my consent, I kissed her legs and his legs.

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