Romantic dinner

Last year I dated a guy whom I had been madly in love with for several years before. He was tall, with a beautiful body, velvet voice and piercing eyes. After several innocent walks around the city, he invited me to a romantic dinner at his home. I could not wait for the evening to come, took a shower, put on nice underwear just in case, and went to him. He had a luxurious apartment, he set the table with candles, the music played softly, and I had a presentiment that the night would not be boring.

We talked about work, friends, and suddenly, after a little silence, he asked me how far I could go in sex. I was taken aback, but answered that it depends on how much the partner prepares me. His eyes sparkled and he asked me to dance. Getting up, I felt that the wine hit my head, I laughed, he drew me to him, my heart was beating faster, I was pleased that he was so close that he hugs me, that he inhales the smell of my skin, and slides his hands over my back, here his hands began to drop lower, he stroked my thigh, and I hugged him with both hands behind the neck, and enjoyed his caress, he kissed me on the lips, and pressed closer to him, passion grew, I put my hands under his sweater,

and even more excited from the relief of the muscles, ran her fingers over his nipples, at that moment he growled like a beast, and began to unbutton my blouse, when he got to my chest, I completely lost my mind and piled him on the sofa, he lifted my bra, and with one hand he squeezed my chest, and with the other he took off my panties, his tongue caressed my nipples, teasing them, I was already moaning, he sank lower and gave me a hurricane of emotions, caressing my clitoris with his tongue, while he stroked my legs with his muscular hands, and fucked me with his tongue, I dodged with excitement, and then he drove his big and hard penis into me, and carefully began to move it inside me, he said he wanted to bring me to the point where I asked to stop, but he would still fuck my hole, while I had enough strength, I hardly imagined it to myself, and was drowning in pleasure, he moved faster and faster, and commented on all his emotions, saying that my boobs were shaking awesome, and that he liked the way my cunt was squishing, and what else did he want me in ass, and mouth, and cancer, and below, and tie me to the bed,

and if I knew that he would do all this to me, I would be afraid to come on a date, he had been hammering me for an hour, I had no strength, I finished and finished, because no one went so far with me when I was on top , he said that I was his rider, and he wanted to gallop, I sat on him faster, and he hit me in the ass with his palm, and I got even more excited, and fucked him wildly, I jumped his jerks, and boobs flew up chaotically, then he took me with cancer, and I had to make an effort to stay in bed, because he drove his club into me with all his foolishness, and accidentally or not missed, and drove into anal sex, I groaned, but he didn’t care that I painful, and he kicked me in the ass, I began to knead the clitoris, and freaked out from what I gave to tear off my ass,

he was insatiable, and grabbed my hair and fucked like a whore, he moaned and finished in my ass. We kissed and fucked until the morning, but he admitted that he only realized a couple of his wild fantasies. When in the morning he accompanied me, he asked if we would meet again, and I shamefacedly lowered my eyes …

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  1. Залупа says:

    Подзалупный творожок на ужин

  2. Путин!!! says:

    Пиздострадания пиндосов блять, покупают русских шмар и увозят трахать в свой пиндостан нахуй

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