Sarah’s seduction. Part 1

“Are you still trying to seduce my husband?” Mrs Anderson hissed.
Sarah jumped up. A grown woman crept up behind her and silently pressed her to the table.

  • No, I am not … – Sarah stammered, – temptation …

She never had such a thought. Mr. Anderson was more than just her boss’s husband. He was an ugly and unpleasant old man. In addition, his bossy, fat and lazy wife always kept Mr. Anderson under her fingernail, giving him no freedom.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch,” Mrs. Anderson continued. Her short, thick fingers reached up to Sarah’s thighs and fiddled with the elastic of her tight nylon shorts. – I know people like you. You walk around here, in tight-fitting clothes, showing your long legs and elastic, small butt. Do you think I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve?

“I… I was just going for a run this afternoon.

The boss put her hand between Sarah’s thighs, in front of her shorts. The girl, breathless, tried in vain to fight for the territory conquered by the boss.

“What a taut, slender body,” Mrs. Anderson whispered in Sarah’s ear.

“Stop it,” Sarah tugged at Mrs. Anderson’s hand, but the old woman was already grabbing hold of Sarah’s blonde pubic hair. Sara tried to get her husband’s attention.

“Go on, go on,” said Mrs. Anderson, stroking the young girl’s cleft with her fat fingers. “Call him. And then you’ll explain to Frank, yeah, Frank and your kids too, what we did here. Be sure, I will definitely tell you in the juiciest details about our little affair.

  • We did not have any “affair” – indignant at the thought of this, objected Sarah. She never had any sexual fantasies about having sex with another woman. And even if there were, then certainly not about a woman like Mrs. Anderson.

“Oh no, you’re wrong,” Mrs. Anderson continued smoothly. “I came to your house every day, every morning, when Frank and your little assholes went to school. I fucked you in all positions using vibrators and dildos. I fucked you on your matrimonial bed. Then I usually let you eat my pussy while I watch TV. Sometimes I even come with my friends and we take turns using your skillful tongue.

“No,” Sarah groaned. Not only was she losing an argument to this vicious woman, her body … began to react to this unnatural intrusion.

“You can’t deny it,” Mrs. Anderson said. “Shhh … Listen to your pussy. Can you hear those chomping sounds? You flowed, you like it, whore.

“No,” this time she answered in a whisper. Sarah knew she couldn’t stop it, but she also knew she shouldn’t have fun. She should have pushed this grown woman away, and most certainly, she should not have finished during this public humiliation, when her children and husband were very close. But her thighs were already living their own lives, moving back and forth, squeezing onto the fingers penetrating her hot slit.

“Let’s have a look at this passionate body that you show so diligently,” Mrs. Anderson gently pulled the thin nylon shorts, along with even thinner panties down Sarah’s thighs. The eyes of the young mother flickered around, making sure that no one was seeing this.

“Oh my God,” Sarah moaned as her lower body was exposed. The picnic area was, of course, a secluded spot, but …

“Nice,” Mrs. Anderson sat down on the bench next to Sarah, who continued to stand, and Mrs. Anderson’s hand began to wander through the naked flesh of a young girl, exploring all her hidden cracks, and then spanking her bare ass. “What should you say when someone compliments you, whore?”

Sarah’s head sank, her bangs falling over her eyes. Instead of answering, she was silent.

“You should say thank you, you little dumbass,” Mrs. Anderson said, “Now say it!

  • Thank you … – Sarah could hardly stand on her feet. I could hardly breathe. Her thoughts flowed like molasses – … thank you.
  • Your husband is watching, whore. Wave to him.

Oh my God, Sarah thought. Frank looked at her. From the expression on his face, thank God, it was clear that he did not see what was hidden from his field of vision. Sarah smiled tightly and waved her hand, pretending to take out ice.

  • Great, whore. Wave him well, ”Mrs. Anderson said, still finger fucking the horny young housewife.“ Nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s just that the two wives get to know each other better. Very very good.
  • Please, – Sarah begged, – Please stop before …

“Be smart, hand me that spatula,” Mrs. Anderson said, completely ignoring Sarah’s protests.

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