Sarah’s seduction. Part 3

It was a revelation to Sarah. She will be a slave. She will be this old woman’s sex slave. The bed she shared with her husband, her dress that she wore to the wedding – nothing will remain sacred. She should have said no. Never. Under no guise. Fuck you old bitch. However, her pussy was burning like never before. She needed it all her life, but until that moment she did not know about it.

“Please,” Sarah begged.

  • Please, what? Mrs. Anderson asked.
  • Please, Ma’am. Can I cum?

“Not yet, bitch,” her boss replied. She pulled all the fingers out of the young mother, – What’s your answer, whore? Will you be my bitch?

  • Oh, God, – Sarah moaned, – Yes, yes, Ma’am.
  • I’m going to test you. And you have no idea what this test will be.
  • Yes, Ma’am. Please Ma’am. I need to finish. Very, very necessary, – Sarah’s legs trembled. She was sick with desire, – Ooooo necessary!

Mrs. Anderson twirled the young girl’s clitoris between her fingertips. “Give me that bottle of mustard,” she ordered.

Sarah picked up a yellow plastic bottle of French mustard and tried to hand it over.

  • Open it to me, you stupid whore.

No, oh no! Sarah suspected what might happen, but no, Mrs. Anderson would not dare to do it, or would she? With trembling fingers, she unscrewed the plastic cap and handed the vial to the elderly woman.

“Good girl,” Mrs. Anderson said. “Now lean forward and spread your wonderful ass.

Oh god, she’s crazy enough to do that. Worse than that, Sarah noticed that her husband was watching her. She waved to him again. Please, oh, please turn away, she prayed. She did not dare to look at him anymore, because he would have understood for sure that something had happened to her. Out of the corner of her eye, she still saw that in the end, Frank turned away from her and continued to fish. Sarah bent over, spreading the halves of her buttocks with her hands.

“What a cute little ass,” Mrs. Anderson said. “It seems to be winking at me.

  • Thanks.
  • Are you close to cum? Is this little whore ready to cum for me?
  • Yes, – Oh, God. Faster, faster, faster. Sara leaned back. Arching the body, hoping to cum before they get caught, if not already.

“As for me …” Mrs. Anderson began to speak, tracing her finger around the young housewife’s clitoris. Then she inserted the tapered tip of a yellow bottle into Sarah’s wrinkled hole. “I don’t like mustard.” How about Frank? Do little Jake and Elizabeth love her?

The old woman’s words hurt Sarah. It was terrible that she had sunk so low. But her family, her innocent family, they will also feel the consequences of her perverse desires. And the worst thing, just the thought of it, that she would helplessly watch her family use this jar of mustard … mustard that was … It was already the last straw. Sarah was on the verge of insanity. The orgasm overwhelmed her quickly and powerfully.

  • I’m finishing. Oh fuck I’m cumming! – Sarah screamed.

Mrs. Anderson plunged the fluted, tapered tip of the yellow mustard bottle further into the young housewife’s anus and squeezed the bottle as hard as she could.

  • Oh shit. Fuck, fuck!

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