Sarah’s seduction. Part 4

The mustard burned the inner walls of Sarah’s gut. Her cunt clenched with each contraction during orgasm. It was a very powerful orgasm that seemed to be endless. Mrs. Anderson carefully removed the mustard from Sarah’s ass. Unable to stand any longer, Sarah sank down on the bench, next to Mrs. Anderson, and with a feeble movement pulled her shorts up to cover her nakedness.

“Damn,” she whimpered, “It’s burning.

“Yes, honey, it was supposed to be,” Mrs. Anderson replied. “Now kiss me and thank me for the orgasm.

The cooler blocked her from her husband, but if the children came running, they would see everything. What happened to me, Sarah wondered, opening her mouth and kissing another woman for the first time.

  • Thank you, – Sarah said when their kiss was interrupted, – Thank you for my orgasm.
  • Please darling.
  • It burns. – The pain has diminished, but not completely gone.

“Shhh,” Mrs. Anderson wiped the top of the mustard bottle with a paper towel and set it down on the table. Then she waved to her husband and Frank.

  • Lunch is ready. Hurry up. All come here. It’s time to eat. Children too.

“Speaking of food,” Mrs. Anderson said so that only Sarah could hear her. “Has my bitch eaten pussy before?

“No, Ma’am,” Sarah squirmed nervously in the seat, because of the mustard scalding her ass from the inside. Worse, she tried to concentrate and control the sphincter so she wouldn’t screw up. “Never.

The woman rubbed her fingers, glistening with Sarah’s juices, with a damp cloth.

  • You have to learn this. I intend to train you well. I’m even going to share you with a few of my friends.
  • Yes. Yes, Ma’am. ”Sarah wondered if she could survive all this. What it would be like to be a slave to a powerful, elderly woman.

“Good girl,” Mrs. Anderson said. “Now just sit there and I’ll take control. But tomorrow – tomorrow … I intend to use you to the fullest, to the fullest.
• • •
Alone in her bedroom, Sarah checked her watch. Ten thirty.

She looked down at herself. White shoes with high heels. White stockings. The white veil is lowered and obstructs the view. Satin wedding dress gently wraps around the waist. A dress she has never worn since her wedding day.

Sarah’s beautiful legs were spread wide. Her pubis, absolutely smooth after shaving, was slightly reddened. The lye is wet. The lips were swollen from constant touching this morning. At first she hoped Mrs. Anderson would not come. Then she whiled away the time, imagining what an adult woman would think of her when she saw that Sarah had followed all the instructions. Was she joking?

And now? Now is the hardest time. Only God knew how she wanted. How she longed. Tormenting myself. Remaining aroused, constantly jerking her slit, so that it remains hot and wet. It wasn’t just wet. It was flowing. A small shiver went through her. The thighs twitched convulsively. The palms were clutching the sheet. She thought she heard the sound of the front door opening. There was a clatter of heels, someone was climbing the stairs. Her heart was about to jump out of her chest when Sarah realized by the sound that two people were climbing the stairs.

My God, Sarah thought. “She brought someone else.” But, it was too late. It only remained to accept everything as it is. Stretching, she, as ordered earlier, obediently parted her labia to the sides. With her other hand, she lifted the leather leash that led to the collar around her neck.

Now this was her fate, the fate of a slave.

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