Secret world. Part 1

I left the store, looked around, took a deep breath, from which the fire in my nipples flared up with renewed vigor and got into the car. I drove slowly, staring around me. It took about forty minutes and finally my patience was rewarded. In one of the alleys, I saw a group of my old acquaintances, consisting of five individuals. Creatures resembling snowmen were digging in some sort of heap of garbage, not paying any attention to the world around them. I slowed down quietly out of the car and cautiously walked in their direction. When I covered about half the distance separating us, one of the creatures suddenly froze, looked in my direction and straightened up and growled something. At the same moment, the whole group began to move and in an instant, overcoming the distance separating us, surrounded me.

Close up, these creatures turned out to be even more than I thought from the beginning – even standing on high heels, I rested my nose only on their chest. Fear paralyzed me, I already began to doubt the correctness of my idea, but as soon as I lowered my eyes and examined them below, delight and lust in me lit up with renewed vigor – all the creatures turned out to be males, and what kind. Their hoses dangled between their legs and, even in a calm state, their length was about 20 centimeters, and their diameter was at least 6 centimeters. Surrounding me, the males began to zealously sniff at me, sinking lower and lower at the moment when the largest of them approached my long soaked perineum, his nostrils widened and he began to suck in air with a noise. All this time, I closely watched his penis and saw how, shivering, he began to swell, gradually rising higher and higher. I froze and looked with admiration at this action – I have never seen anything more beautiful and fascinating. At that moment, the male crouched in front of me abruptly straightened up and uttered a uterine roar, the other males became agitated and noisy, powerful paws grabbed me and carried me to a pile of garbage, laid on the boxes lying there in such a way that my legs hung on one side, providing unlimited access to my holes, and the head was on the other. One of the creatures held me tightly by the neck, making it clear that nothing depends on me here.

The males surrounded me, muttering a hundred unintelligible things, and I lay there and admired the picture that opened to me. Several huge beautiful canoes swayed right in front of my nose, at the ends of which droplets of lubricant began to protrude. They were beautiful – about 30 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide, they had a regular shape, a beautiful shiny head. From the growing rumble, I guessed that my languishing holes did not have to endure at all for a long time and neatly unzipped, delighted at this moment with my foresight – the lightning opened in my crotch, leaving my treasures for everyone to see. The largest male cautiously approached my ass and sniffed it, while brushing my pussy with his nose. From this touch, a wave of bliss ran through my body, and I, already unable to contain myself, closed my eyes and moaned, “Come on, put your club into me. Make it nice for the girl! ” At the same moment I felt something very large, hard and hot leaning against my pussy. Leaning into my pussy, the male began to press more and more persistently, trying to shove the wide head of his penis into me.

And suddenly, in one of the most persistent thrusts, the head fell into my hot, dripping pussy. We can say that in this brief moment I became a woman completely, those remnants of the masculine essence that were still preserved in me in an instant evaporated from my consciousness, I was filled with an incredible desire to be fucked, I wanted this thick hot club to enter me for the whole depth and chiselled without stopping. The male began to smoothly hammer my pussy, sinking deeper, making me moan, scream and bite my lips with pleasure. At the same time, my pussy stretched out and obediently understood itself centimeter by centimeter. At this time, other males, watching what was happening, also decided to take part in this fun. One of them came in from behind and settled down next to the leader who was regularly fucking me and buried the head of his penis into my small wrinkled anus. It seemed that if he managed to shove his stick into my ass, it would only tear it, but after several attempts, the head of his penis squeezed into my ass – the anus ring expanded and let my new guest inside, tightly grabbing the trunk of his penis. Realizing that two canoes have me at once, I almost went crazy – the feeling of two huge members wielding holes in my burning fire was driving me crazy. I was overwhelmed by waves of pleasure, from which one could lose my mind, nothing remained in my head except for two huge clubs that seemed to pierce me to the very throat.

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