Secret world. Part 2

However, this was not all – one of the males left without work came close to my face and right in front of me, at a distance of several millimeters, I saw the swinging head of his huge penis. Oh, how I wanted to lick it, how I wanted to swallow it, to feel pulsing hot flesh in my slutty mouth. Without hesitation, I reached for the head and gently kissed her, to which she responded with a slight tremor. Having run my tongue over the surface of the head, I felt its sharp salty, but somehow very pleasant taste. Apparently, the male standing in front of me was tired of these tenderness and he, roughly taking me by the back of the head, in one movement drove his boat deep into my throat. From surprise, I almost choked, but to my surprise, my sweet candy did not cause any nauseous reflexes – my mouth and throat, as well as my other holes, stretched perfectly. Realizing this, I began to suck my beautiful club with zeal, absorbing it to its full length and resting on the male’s furry pubis, while his large heavy eggs slapped my chin.

The feeling that they had me in all my holes aroused me to the limit and I felt how an orgasm of unprecedented strength began to cover me. Everything faded before my eyes, I was seized by severe convulsions, and a wave of bliss swept over my body. And at this time, I felt how the cock that fucked my mouth throbbed, and into my throat! streams of hot, sticky salty semen poured out. Oh, how delicious it was – I have never tasted anything tastier than this thick sticky mass, I was ready to swallow it endlessly. But then my attention was attracted by my pussy – the male who hammered her also reached the edge and began to pour out streams of his semen into her. My tortured pussy seemed to be filled with liquid fire, which began to flow out of it in thick lumps. I did not keep myself waiting long and my sweet master of the ass – jets of sperm hit deep into my rectum, filling my ass.

I was at the height of bliss, but my holes asked for more – I felt how immediately males who had not yet recognized me were attached to both of my lower holes. I closed my eyes and purred in my stomach, anticipating the continuation of this wonderful action. Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see the head of a member covered with mucus and semen swinging in front of me – the male, who so gloriously fucked my insatiable ass, probably wanted to clean his weapon. I did not mind at all, and, not at all embarrassed by the pungent smell coming from the penis, just extracted from my ass, with pleasure, in one fell swoop, I plunged it into my mouth and began to diligently suck on it, moaning with pleasure.

To my delight, these creatures turned out to be very hardy and replacing each other at my different holes they fucked me for several hours. I was covered with a thick layer of thick viscous semen, my once narrow and neat holes turned into huge, no longer closed holes, from which streams of sperm flowed. Finally, I felt satisfied and well-fed. And now the last male, having released the final portion of sperm into my ass, lazily stepped aside. The four other creatures who were waiting for him stood up silently and the whole group, without uttering a sound, moved away from me along the street – after a couple of minutes they disappeared and all that was left of them were puddles of seed. After lying down for a few more minutes, I began to stir. With difficulty getting to my feet, I examined myself: my whole body, draped in latex, was thickly covered with semen, the nipples that had been clamped for several hours darkened and swollen, streams of sperm flowed from the torn holes that had once been my pussy and ass. On stiff legs, I limped slowly to my car, started it, and drove to my cave – I just needed to rest and tidy myself up. Having reached the dwelling, without undressing, I collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep. I had a very strange dream:

It was an ordinary morning of a very ordinary working day.

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