Sex at the gynecologist. Part 1

One of the last girls came out and the next one came in. A young brunette, beautiful, short, thin, knocked a little shyly near the entrance and modestly approached my table.

  • Hello, I’m at the reception. She babbled quickly and quietly under her breath.
  • Hello to you too, give a card here, undress there and sit down. – I pointed to the gynecological chair.
  • Completely undress? She asked uncertainly.
  • Have you never been to a gynecological examination? How do you think I am going to examine you in clothes? – I looked at her with understandable surprise.
  • Was. She whispered. – Yes, i was. It’s just that I was always examined by a woman. – already a little louder.
  • Let’s bring variety to your life. Do not be afraid. Nothing wrong with that, I am examining hundreds of girls and women, so don’t worry. Take off your clothes. Let’s not delay each other. You’re the last one in line, aren’t you?
  • Yes. There was no one after me.
  • Wonderful. – I bent over her medical record to see if there were any records in the past that should be looked at. Found nothing. I noted to myself that her name was Alina. Looking sideways as she slowly and hesitantly takes off her clothes: blouse, shorts, then bra and a little hesitation – panties. Then she took a towel out of her bag and put it on a chair, after which she lay there, throwing her legs on the supports.

A wonderful picture opened up to me, a beautiful, delicate and young pink flower opened up between her legs. Shaved clean. How many I have already seen these intimate places, but such cute ones do not come across often. I like. I think you can try. And my chair is a little unusual. Some pay attention to this, but she may have been afraid to ask. Okay, it’s settled. I went over, threw a special mount over the ankle on her right leg and snapped the mechanism, then went to her left leg and did the same. I looked at her, her gaze was frightened and pleading. But, to be honest, not too much. There are those that immediately begin to make noise and break with all their might. And she just sits in a fright:

  • You … what are you doing? – She asked quietly in such a voice, as if now she would start crying. She seemed to be smarter than I immediately thought and immediately began to guess what was happening.
  • Alina, you’re at the gynecologist’s appointment. Do not worry. The doctor knows how to do it. I looked at your map and it looks like you never had a sex test? I asked firmly and almost indifferently.
  • No. Wow what ?. There is no such thing about … checking. What are you talking about … (whimper) … can I better go? – she reached for the leg but could not figure out how to unfasten the mechanism. And she began to cry, all trying to free herself. Well, here’s another. Okay, but not screaming.

I went up and unceremoniously, without putting on gloves, touched her pussy with my hand. She looked at me frightened and tried to push my hand away with her hands. I looked at her rather evil and menacingly, and she loosened her grip. It looked like she was really scared. I put my finger in her hole, simply because it worked right away. It was slightly wet there, as strange as it may sound. It seems that not all is lost with her. There was no hymen. And that’s good. I massaged her inside a little with my finger, bringing it in and out through her weak but constant resistance. With the other hand, I tried to remove her hands, but both are not easy to handle. Only her sobs were audible. Perhaps from fright, she has not yet tried to make other sounds. Meanwhile, I felt her labia minora, protruding slightly outward. I felt a small tubercle – the clitoris, and fairly, with gentle, soft and slow massage, I try to excite it. A few minutes later, I noticed that despite the sobbing, the girl bit her lower lip and her face turned red. From time to time she stopped breathing. Fear is a fright, and excitement always prevails over these lustful young bitches. I fiddled a little more, stimulating her penis with various movements, from her hole it was clearly beginning to flow.

I sat down on my knees and touched her erogenous zone with my tongue. She immediately grabbed, trying to push, my head with her not very strong arms. For a second she succeeded, but then I took her hands in mine and continued. It smelled good, it looked like the girl was preparing for the fact that her pussy would be seen by the doctor. She looked at me with pleading, frightened eyes. But pleading – it seems that she still wanted to leave rather than continue. However, I proceeded further.

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