Sex at the gynecologist. Part 2

He began to drive with a wet, relaxed tongue up and down the outer side of the labia minora, when he did not notice a special response, he moved with the tongue to the inner side, his tongue immediately felt a fair amount of lubricant, some of which, through licking, got into my mouth. I held up and lightly touched the clitoris and heard her very erotic, quiet, high-frequency “Ah”. Then she closed her mouth. She cried not so heart-rendingly, which made me happy. When I drove my tongue up and down the clitoris, she also sat with restraint. But when I began to drive in a circle, I began to “squeak” easily. That’s what you need. So I continued for a while, until she began to lose her modestly frightened restraint, and even stopped crying. I let go of my hands. She just put them on my head, but she didn’t try to push me away. She probably resigned herself to the futility of her attempts.

I walked away and looked at her a little. She watched me. She looked expectantly. Before her eyes, he began to undress. When he took off his panties and she saw my dick standing … I wondered if she would start crying again. But she didn’t start.

I came up, sat down between her legs, and gradually began to insert my penis into her. At first the head, then deeper, she held me a little with her hands, but, it seems, not in order to push me away, but in order not to enter too sharply. Although there were no problems with the entrance, it was smooth, very wet and warm. Pleasant, slightly tightening sensations gradually enveloped my cock. I was already breathing quite deeply. When I entered completely, I gasped with pleasure, how I love to pull on such young fragile babies. I started to fuck her slowly, gradually accelerating the pace. He took the waist with his hands, and she touched my body with her hands. Excitement quickly overwhelmed me. Now I only wanted to get pleasure and satisfaction from her. But suddenly…

There was a knock on the door, which immediately opened and another young (before that, had examined the entire student group) red-haired girl entered. She looked around the office and looked with suddenly round eyes at us. We looked at her the same way. She blushed and stood there for about 15 seconds, as it seemed to me, and then blurted out:

  • Hi Alin … I was late. – and she hurried out. You can say, fell out of the office.
  • This is my classmate … Nika – said Alina looking at me. My penis has already dropped a little, still being in it. But the excitement was still there. Yes, to hell with her, this Nika, the fact that my penis was still in Alina even turned me on a little more, so I continued. The organ rose quickly and again received a series of those wonderful sensations, as when you enter a girl for the first time. I continued to pull Alina and felt that I was about to start to finish. But I didn’t pull it out. I am always pleased to cum inside, so I started to cum while in her soft, tender pussy. To the very depths of her holes. How I moaned, growled, roughly wrapped my arms around her, finished everything that was in her. And pulled out a member. I caught her frightened look, then at the sperm flowing from her young pussy:
  • Don’t worry, I, as a doctor, will now give you a pill just in case there is a small chance of such an “accidental” conception. It is good that we, doctors, can keep this expensive pleasure in some quantity for free, at the expense of the hospital. I can congratulate you, everything is in order with your sexuality. – I said, unbuttoning her legs and letting her free. She wiped herself off with a napkin she took out of her purse, then we got dressed together, standing side by side, without saying a word. While she was putting herself in order, I went and took out a box with the promised pills from the table, took a bottle with water and put it on the table beside me. I sat down to make a couple of entries in her card, while thinking about a new problem – red-haired Nika. Alina came up and took a pill. I held out her card:
  • There I wrote my number, if anything, you can call, but only during working hours. – She nodded, took the card and uncertainly walked to the door, without saying anything. She left. No sooner had I even come to my senses when a minute later the door opened again. The redhead came in.

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