Sex with a classmate’s wife

I am a rather well-fed man, my name is David, I graduated from school about 10 years ago. I work as a programmer in a small office, I live in a cozy apartment and, in general, nothing unusual would have happened if I had not met my old classmate Leonid, with whom we were friends at school.

The guy was very popular at school, unlike me, so he had the most beautiful girls. That day, we went to a cafe, drank a little cheap whiskey, talked on a variety of topics, then he decided to introduce me to his wife. I made it clear in every possible way that it was time for me, tomorrow was a tough day and it would not hurt me to lie down, but the guy convinced me to go to visit him and I was forced to agree.

When I entered, I saw a girl, about 26 years old, with a good waist, tight ass and eyes, her dark green eyes captivated me at first sight. Her name was Sophia

She was sweet, like an angel in heaven, she immediately invited me to the table and we began to drink, it was clear that my classmate was already on the verge of intoxication, so we decided to put him to bed.

Sophia and I continued to chat, when suddenly a demon lured me, in a word, I began to pester her. I began to squeeze her breasts, she resisted, but I was drunk and could not control my lust. I began to sink lower and lower, until I began to caress her pussy, at which time she began kicking, saying that she was married and happily married, but I was already relentless.

What happened next is hard to describe, you had to see it. I put my friend’s wife on my knees and, in an orderly tone, ordered me to give me a juicy blowjob … Lowering her pants, she was surprised, maybe her husband’s cock was not big enough or something like that, but my 18-cm cock, she began to suck with great pleasure every second she increased the pace and I was already thinking of ending, when suddenly she got up, it was no longer a victim of my lust, it was a passionate lioness who had to be fucked properly.

We decided to hurry up, as my classmate could wake up at any moment. I took off her jeans, which tightly hugged her buns, and tried to insert my trunk into her cave, but it was very cramped there and this once again proved the theory about my friend’s small penis. I managed to enter only on the second attempt, I began to put her on my penis, increasing the pace to an indecent, she began to moan like a lioness and scratch my back, perhaps that’s why she hurt me for another week, this lasted about an hour, we changed positions one after another, orgasm, was inevitable, I finished first, it looked like euphoria, I didn’t have this with more than one girl (and I had five of them), immediately behind me her elastic buttocks squeezed with such force that you had to be a great expert to understand that my sidekick’s wife was good.

When I was about to leave, she kissed me and told me to forget everything that happened between us and not say anything to Leonid. Like a good classmate, I kissed Sophia on her juicy lips and promised to keep our secret until the end of my days.

Three years have passed since then, I haven’t seen my classmate anymore, but what happened between me and Sophia the Beautiful will go away with me and with you.

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