Sex with a hot waitress

A member convulsively moved in me – the guy was trying to cope with the impending orgasm, screaming, twitching his pelvis – but the sperm has already poured into my hot pussy. I was lying on my side, and my partner, perched behind, violently finished inside and at the same time swore with delight.

I could not sing along to him – my mouth was occupied by another member. My favorite taxi driver, who fucked me so well on the track a couple of weeks ago in the company of friends, drove his sausage in my mouth again, while his boyfriend, meanwhile, satisfied his lust with my pussy.

An excellent slut, – finally, catching his breath, said the newbie, who just had a chance to print the slut.

You haven’t tried it yet, ”the taxi driver answered, speeding up the fuck. – We had a great four of us. Ass is fire!

Oh, that’s a great idea! The first proclaimed. – Come on, prepare me to meet your ass!

I stopped licking my favorite head, and the guys changed. The taxi driver lay down between my legs, tucked his penis to the very balls and began to leisurely, sweepingly fuck his slut, and his friend, who had just pumped me up with sperm, settled down to my mouth in the hope of soon filling his penis in my ass. Of course, he succeeded. Regaining his strength with the help of my sweet, expert lips, the guy pulled his appendage out of my mouth. Long and thin – just what you need for anal!

The taxi driver lay on his back – his fat sausage, who was fucking my pussy, was waiting to return to sweet captivity. I didn’t show off for a long time – I just massaged my boobs, gave a fucking glance at my sprawling fucker and happily saddled him. Member gladly dived into the hot captivity and began to move. And from behind, with a kind of dashing ear, my new fucker pounced on me. The long penis entered immediately, to its full length and began to stoke my ass.

At the same time, I liked the pace of my taxi driver – his plump powerful sausage walked well in my pussy, I just squealed, feeling two men in me. And then the guys fired – I gladly took the seed in the ass and pussy …

But two cocks are nothing compared to a really serious gangbang!

However, after four times fucking, my taxi driver was in no hurry to repeat the orgy.

First he took to meet me after changing the waitress. And, believe me, I met him prepared!

After running 12 hours, I could afford to take a glass of champagne and something in my pussy. Sometimes – a member of some heated visitor to the club (I especially liked it when a stranger, inflamed with dancing and alcohol, squeezes you in a dark corner and furiously lifts your skirt, plunging a member into a hot slit), sometimes – a friendly stick from a cook to whom you are unfortunate (or successful ?!) turned her ass in the kitchen (my chef liked to stare at me in the back room, on the refrigerator, lifting my skirt up to my chin, decorating my nipples with whiskers of whipped cream and moistening my pussy with olive oil). But this is all – absolutely not compare with how I was fucked by four men on the side of the road, on the hood of a taxi!

What is a gentle morning hookup with someone from the security at the club where I worked? It didn’t even count for sex. After completing the cleaning of the tables and watching the visitors of the club galloping on the dance floor at 4 in the morning, surrendering to someone from the dancers or pleasing the scoop attendant, shaking my hips, I loved to go down to the security room and, lowering her service skirt to the floor, and her blouse to her belt, exposing her lovely breasts, she received a pair of sticks from the guard on duty.

And sometimes – and from two: in my shifts, sometimes colleagues of the lucky ones joined the mini – group sex. One member – in the pussy, the second in the mouth – I got the hang of getting an orgasm in a few minutes and warmed up before the fuck that was expecting me from my taxi driver.

Every shift he would taxi to the club where I worked. Instead of a greeting, we had a blowjob in my deep performance. During this time, my driver was taxiing to a secluded spot, pulling me out of the car, undressing me, putting my bare ass on the hood and eagerly launching his proboscis into my hole. I could only squeak under pressure and raise my legs higher when the man went into a rage.

Then the taxi driver jerked me off the hood, and I caught his sperm with my mouth and again began to suck the cherished sausage.

Having regained the strength of my lover, I lay my tits on the hood of his six, stretched the halves of the buttocks and invited him to use the “dessert” – my ass. And I never got a refusal!

The penis fell into the unraveled anus, the man picked up speed and after 10 minutes of frictions, when I felt my gut every spring on his cola, pumped my ass with first-class sperm.

The trip ended again with a blowjob – all the way to the house I selflessly sat down on his penis with my mouth, licked the head, stroked the balls. And in front of my house, the taxi driver slowed down the speed of the car, accelerated the movements with his hips and, with a groan, lowered it into my mouth …

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