Sexy Camila

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Whore? Oh yes I’m a whore. I love when they fuck me in three trunks at once. This is such a thrill that you begin to understand the only valuable thing in this life is a quality fuck.

I also have a husband. The husband ate pears. Ha. He knows that I’m cheating on him, but he doesn’t mind. Behaves like a beaten dog. Why am I holding him?

He licks great. Especially after my holes are stretched to the fullest, his tongue at the very time. For relaxation.

Suren and Armen somehow finished me a complete ass. And he licked everything up. So gently licked my anus. And when it stopped flowing, he began to stick his tongue in there. I had to finish again. Although I thought that I would no longer be able to finish for at least a week.

The guys from the east did a good job then, they roasted me in the kitchen for three hours. And the husband all this time was sitting in the next room and did not poke his nose. I probably jerked off. They did not have time to leave then when I entered the room, piled my faithful on the sofa and sat on his face.

You should have seen their faces. Then they could not understand anything. And they left in complete shock. No more calls. Well, to hell with them, and without them there are plenty of people willing.

Take my boss, for example. A rare pervert. He constantly shoves big objects in my pussy and ass. I can’t walk after it all day. The last time I wanted to shove a zucchini into the anal. Did not work out. But he entered the pussy. Well, I squirted well then. The dress is wet, so are the panties.

I came home, put panties in my husband’s mouth and jerked off to him. He doesn’t need much and was glad of that. Pervert.

And I remember my hubby and I went to Turkey to rest. So five tanned, pumped-up men were allowed in a circle all night. My husband was then not allowed to go out and he licked the hot sperm from my pussy.

Then they also tried it, all at once, then I could not serve. And as they say, fish bezrybe and cancer. That’s how it happened. Although the Turks did not know our sayings, they did exactly as they prescribe. At any latitude, everything happens the same.

And my friends? Moralists are crappy. There were! I tried. Get them shit drunk and they suck at the club tables. And in the toilets they give in the ass. I shoot them on video, then show them to them.

And the song begins. “This is not us, this is editing” Well, nothing has corrupted. The last time they got divorced for lesbian sex. We drank a little.

Then all my fantasies came true. And kuni from girlfriends, and strap-on to each other. In the tail and mane.

This is how I love sex. And so that there was more of it.

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