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She was very wet, her juices flowing into my mouth. I was also excited and licked with pleasure. My cock tried to break that damn chastity belt, but naturally it couldn’t get up. My wife began to move, she literally fucked my face, rubbed her holes on my protruding tongue and nose. From time to time I had nothing to breathe and this additionally excited me and her. She was so excited that it did not last long. My beloved squeezed my head with her hips, pressed her pussy harder to my face and began to cum. Her juices poured into my mouth. She finished for a long time and I almost suffocated.

  • Honey, how cool it was !!! We will do this often now. Ltd! I look you like it too! Your whole dick is wet! You are wet dick! Have you finished !?

Natasha took out the key, removed the plastic cover from my penis, which began to rise, and licked my head.

  • No, it’s just grease. You flow like a bitch! Confess – do you like it?
  • I would have liked to fuck you better.
  • Well, while you can not hope for it! I love the way you lick me when you horny! Okay, I gotta lock you up again. What we are going to do?
  • Can you just not hit !? You are welcome.
  • Okay I will not. You deserve it.

She opened the refrigerator, took ice and applied it to my cock. He didn’t want to go down. Then she squeezed my balls hard.

  • AAAH! You promised!
  • Well, don’t shout! I’m not hitting! You can see that ice doesn’t help! Well. Falls a little bit. Now all the rules will be! – She squeezed the balls again, the member fell and clicked the lock, closing my chastity belt.
  • A gorgeous thing! And why didn’t I buy you such a thing before? Now I will be sure that you are not cheating on me and do not jerk off somewhere until I see!

“Don’t you take it off me when it’s over?”

  • And where did you get the idea that everything will end? It’s only the beginning! We will continue all this at home!
  • What all?
  • All! And you will walk around the belt and naked at home, and maybe not only at home. – devils ran in her eyes. Natasha smiled contentedly – and I liked spanking you!

I presented it all. Well – I thought – this was all going. But. This thought, in a strange way, excited me. The member tried to get up, but it didn’t work – he held the chastity belt tight!

  • Darling, how will I go to the toilet? Take it off for a little while, I want to pee.
  • Fine! Now you will pee – while sitting! Come on, I’ll show you how it’s done. There is a special hole for this. Again, a plus – you won’t fill the toilet at home! What a gorgeous thing!

Natasha unhooked me from the bed, grabbed my balls, and dragged me to the toilet. She was not wearing cowards. She sat down on the toilet, looked me in the eye and smiled. A stream rumbled in the toilet.

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