Sexy Karina

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I woke up already completely naked and tied to a cruciform brace, facing the floor. The man quietly rattled and rustled without paying any attention to me. I twitched, trying to escape, and then silently wept, attracting the attention of the freak. – Stop whining. – the man barked coming closer. – I offered you in an amicable way. You would get mutual pleasure, plus I would give you money and go home. And now … – the man paused. – I will expand your anal to such a size that a freight train will easily enter it. You will become my whore. I will pay you, of course, because you will have to leave work. But I will use you twenty-four by seven and not only me. “Please don’t,” I sobbed, wriggling in my chains. – Let me go, please. – Have you forgotten how to contact me, whore? – the man barked and entered my anal with a slightly lubricated finger. Since his legs were wide apart, nothing blocked his access to the ass. I yelped in pain and sobbed again. – How should you contact me? – With a threat in his voice asked the man, hard slapping my ass. – Master. I answered hastily, fearing that he would hurt me again. – Well done. the man said approvingly. – Good slut, submissive. And you should be rewarded for that. I already relaxed when he took his finger out of my anus and hoped that he would either just let me go, or fuck me and let me go. But I was wrong. Some kind of cold gel was born on the ass, and then two fingers stretched out a tight ring at once. – Don’t, gentlemen, don’t … – I begged, with tears in my eyes trying to wriggle out from under my stiff fingers. And the fingers really came out of the ass. Only instead of letting me go, the master gagged my mouth, coldly informing me that the whore should speak only at the master’s order. Fingers entered the ass again, they moved, expanding the anus. And when the hole was sufficient, the gel poured into the rectum. Lots of scalding cold gel. All I had to do was wriggle until another blow burned my ass. – Lie still, otherwise you won’t like it. – Roughly barked the gentleman and pressing me down with his hands, put an incredibly huge penis to my virgin hole. The head pressed against the compressed ring and I moaned in pain. Not paying any more attention to me, the man jerked forward sharply, and I screamed from the pain piercing my ass. The gentleman froze for a while, giving me the opportunity to get used to it. And then he began to move hard, abruptly, filling me up to my balls. He accompanied all this with the words that very soon I would become the best anal whore. That up to five members will fit in my ass at a time and that this will not be enough for me. I could only scream in pain in the torn glasses and choke on tears. Having finished in my ass, the man left me. And I was ready to relax and cry with relief that everything was over and soon I would be at home, as the torn hole was filled with a cold, heavy metal phallus, even larger than the penis of my tormentor. And so that he did not slip out, the gentleman secured him with some kind of straps. One of which passed through the crotch, and the second wrapped around the waist. – Well, whore, with the initiative of you. – the monster slapped me on the ass and left the room.

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