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  • So I can help you to be satisfied today?
  • Yes, my little one, let’s start from today

I got out of bed and reached forward with trembling hands, I was not timid, and my mother was a little surprised at my actions

  • Immediately decided to screw me up, wretch

And she laughed. But she did not make any movements against, she stood still, passion completely seized her and lust would be satisfied. It did not matter to her, as I realized later, what the fuck was fucking her, the main thing was to fuck.

I wanted to touch everything and everyone with my hands in order to understand what it is like to touch a woman everywhere. Of course, the first thing it was a breast, and she has 3 sizes, and a little saggy but I was very excited. Opening a view of her breasts, I began to knead her nipples, and Mommy had already begun to melt in my hands. I played with them for a very long time, crumpled one boob, then the second and back in a circle, about half an hour passed with games with her breasts, my mother was tired of all this, I understood it from my sighs, and I offered her,

  • Mom, let’s go to the bed, it’s more comfortable there
  • Son, you are not tired of playing with me, I want another
  • Not much mom, I want to try your ass for elasticity, if you don’t mind
  • What can you do with you ah

Mom sat down on the bed, her blouse was still pulled up and completely opened up a view of her chest, but I asked my mother to stand on fours or sit on my knees. She liked the second solution, but she insisted that I allegedly played with her and she was not with me yet, and offered me a different picture of events.

  • Come on, son, I’ll give you a blowjob.

I just shook the year, she got up and instead I sat down, kneeling down, slowly took off my swimming trunks, and smiling, looked into my eyes and licked her lip, touched my head with my tongue, I almost finished with just one touch. She went further, licking all the bases, she began to suck my dick, I could not stand it immediately.

  • Sorry mom
  • It happens, apparently, has not been discharged for a long time.

She got up and lay down on the bed, seeing her finished face, my fighter took a fighting position. Mom saw this and was delighted. She took off all the remaining clothes and spread her legs wide, as if inviting me to her.

At the sight of her pussy, I swallowed, my cock became stone.

  • Come on foal, saddle the mare

From a sitting position, I moved to a recumbent position, and stood over my mother, looking into the eyes of a friend, my mother directed her dick towards herself and squeezed me with her hands. Oh my God, what a feeling, the member went like clockwork inside this creature, I was on top of pleasure. When the cock was completely immersed, I stopped, but my mother’s words interrupted my stop.

“Young man, you will stand for so long.

And I started to fuck my own mother with rhythmic beats, I forgot about everything, I just fucked this body available to me. Mom screamed with pleasure, I certainly didn’t have a huge giant dick, but it wasn’t bad either, 18 * 5, and for a very long time that I endured, they also talked about a lot, and the fact that I finished about five minutes ago influenced the fact that I didn’t immediately finished and fucked and fucked mom. After 30 minutes or even more, I finished in it. She was horrified because she did not take birth control, and immediately went to rinse her crotch.

The clock was 2:00, my mother came back to me, all naked and happy as a March cat. She came up and lay down in my crib, gently hugged me and whispered in my ear

  • Thank you, son, satisfied, just don’t cum inside me. Otherwise, you will become the father of your own brother, and we do not need that. I hugged her and fell asleep
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