Sin was stronger

Actually, I am a self-taught artist, but, as people who saw my drawings and enlarged “copies” told me, I draw well … But that’s not the point.

… Tired of unemployment, constant drunkenness and drug addiction sessions, I decided to try to become a sexton in a local church (I think that the place and names will not particularly interest the reader). Well. I made my way. As it turned out, I also sing well. And then one day, during a service, among the people praying, I noticed a beautiful girl. She looked eighteen years old, but it was clear from her figure that she was older (as it turned out later, not much).

Realizing that I shouldn’t even look in her direction, since I had made a vow, I became more and more inflamed with passion and desire. In the hope of seeing her again, I began to ask myself to conduct the following services with the Holy Father. But she did not come to the next service and to the next, in general, I completely forgot about this stranger, when suddenly …

I accepted donations for a temple under construction and saw her … It was so unexpected that I dropped the donation chest from my hands. We got into a conversation, so, on religious topics in this spirit. I noticed that I did not take my eyes off the girl’s chest and legs. As soon as I caught myself thinking, the girl suddenly said that she needed to confess and was about to leave. I made up my mind. “Dear child, do not be afraid! Come any day and at any hour to the House of God! Its doors are always open for souls who do not know peace. Come. May God bless you !!!”

She left. What did I do. I was waiting for her. The thought of how good she would be in my bed haunted me. I could not conduct services, I could not do anything! I was waiting for her.

She came to confess all the same. I came. Late in the evening. I invited her to come up with me to the cell and there she will tell me about everything that weighs on her. She was on the verge of breaking down. I offered her some Cahors, which she accepted from my hands with an incomprehensible gratitude to me. She began her story. During the story, she asked me several times to pour her some more wine to calm down. She spoke, but I did not listen. I looked at her figure. God !!! What a figure it was !!! Small tight breasts (it was obvious that she did not wear a bra), slender waist, perfect roundness of the hips and graceful legs !!! I was on fire with excitement. I drank a glass of Cahors in the hope that it would temper my ardor, but this only added fuel to the fire. I realized that I couldn’t restrain myself anymore …

Holding out my hand, I lifted her head by the chin and looked into her eyes. There were drops of tears in them. I started kissing her eyes. She was scared, but did nothing to stop it. Eyes, nose, cheeks … I covered my whole face with kisses and could not stop. And so I touched her lips and she leaned towards me. Nothing could have contained me already. Nothing!. I undressed her slowly covering every inch of her body with kisses. By candlelight, her body was divine! The embodiment of all my secret desires. I kissed her face, caressed her breasts, which turned out to be tender, elastic, with small nipples. I went down to her pubis and began to kiss, caress my tongue and lightly bite her bosom. Throwing off my clothes, I was about to burst into the vagina, but she stopped me and, I did not expect this, took my penis in her hand and did one, at first, several movements up and down the length of the phallus. After that, she began to kiss him, caress her tongue and swallow the head deeper and deeper. Finally, she swallowed it completely and with all her might felt the tenderness and warmth of her mouth. In a few minutes I finished. A powerful stream of semen burst out of me on the lips and face of the girl. She began to drink this seminal fluid, collecting everything to the last drop. Then she pulled me to the bed. I ended up on top. my penis went into her genital slit. I was at the height of bliss. I ulublyas in her penis to the ovary. Twenty minutes later, I finished again, which could not be said about my partner. Having wiped my penis and imagining what I already felt, I got aroused. I never got so turned on! I finished two more times and brought the girl to the peak of orgasm after which we fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up feeling that someone was looking at me. Opening my eyes, I saw the Reverend and my heart immediately went into my heels. The girl was released with God, but I was whipped in front of everyone who was in the church at that moment.

Yes. I was kicked out in disgrace. What to do? Himself to blame! When I remember this girl, I regret that I did not recognize, or maybe did not hear, her name.

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