Once I came to my grandmother in the village. My sister lived there. 19 years old, well developed, with big breasts and a gorgeous ass. I liked her. And so my grandmother went to church for a service (night-Christmas or something). We were left alone. First we watched TV, and then we started playing strip cards. Well, I started winning, she stayed in a bra and tango panties, and I was still in pants. My penis got up. This naturally did not go unnoticed. The distribution is in a handful. I take off my pants, and there are only underpants, and the penis is like a sentry. The distribution-Nastya (that’s the name of her sister) lost, she takes off her bra, ohh, it’s not descriptive, I thought I would finish right now, I restrained myself. Again she is nipping. He starts to take off his panties … and then I saw what I wanted. Okay, let’s sit and play. I decided to lose to take off my panties.

Lost, I shoot, my cock popped out of there. All right, I decided to get down to business. I got up and went up to Nastyuna, my cock is right in front of her face. But I sit down next to you. I look into her eyes that read desire. And then, not expected for myself, I hug her and bite into her lips, and wow, she answered. Our languages ​​are intertwined. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. There I put her on the bed, and I thought, “She doesn’t resist.” Then I sat down, spread my legs and saw what I wanted, I could not resist and approached the crotch, there was a pleasant buzz coming from there, and something flowed right out of the crack. I first gently kissed her lips, then drooped further and earned my tongue, as I liked it. Soon she finished with wild moans. I got up, took your weapon and was about to stick it in, but Nastena stopped me, saying that she did not want to lose her virginity.

Well, only one thing remained. Ass. I suggested to her, she only asked, “but it hurts.” I replied that if you prepare the hole, then everything will be fine. AND SHE AGREE. I went and took some kind of cream. He said that he would lay on his side and bent his legs to his chest. And so she did. I put some cream on my anus and then my index finger. Having massaged a little around the anus, I began to slowly insert a finger into her ass, Soon he entered all. Then I massaged the hole from the inside and began to stick in two fingers. The hole was already stretched out and I went on the attack, smeared my penis with cream and began to gently inject it. Nastya began to groan and say that it hurts, but I said to be patient. Here is my cock in full in her virgin ass. After waiting a minute or two (so that the anus got used to the penis), I began to drive the penis inside, Nastya began to moan.

And quickly finished bent over, after two minutes I finished and I was right in the ass, and began to get a member. Nastya took it in her mouth and began to suck, soon I came to a violent end, flooding all her face and mouth with sperm. Then she turned her backside and bent over and asked, “What’s there?” I said everything was OK, and sperm was still dripping from the ass.

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