Sister’s evening

My name is Anya, and my sister Katya, we are 20 years old, we are of the same average height, both have long brown hair, gray eyes, the same breasts are three, only Katya has a more expressive and rounded butt than me. All our lives we were together, lived in the same room, studied in the same class, changed clothes, began to masturbate together and discussed all this, worried about each other during dates, prepared for the first sex. We are very friendly and always together. But, at some point, I realized that I love her both as a sister and … as a girl! I looked at her and realized that I wanted to kiss her lips, neck, breasts with neat sharp papillae. I tried to fight these thoughts, but in vain, I always thought about her and soon resigned myself to this obsession.

One day, at the beginning of summer, my parents went to open the summer season, and we stayed at home and decided to arrange a festive evening for ourselves. We bought wine, cake, fruit. In the evening they turned on the music, laid everything on the table, decided to sit naked, it was quite hot at home. We drank wine and chatted, recalled how we were mad in childhood, so one bottle of wine went away and we opened the second.

  • We haven’t sat like that for a long time, An … – said Katya.
  • Uh-huh … – I mumbled in response, admiring the beads of sweat on her body in the rays of the setting sun.

Gradually, our topics became more and more intimate, we shared our impressions of our first sex.

  • Anh, I read here that the sensations of a kiss with a girl are completely different, and not like a kiss with a guy.
  • I don’t know … I didn’t kiss girls …
  • I, too … and would like to?

The heart in my chest began to pound.

“I-I don’t know … do you?”

  • I would like to try!

My gaze was focused on her lips. Katya drank wine from a glass and a couple of red drops dripped down her chin onto her chest and flowed down. I could not resist and caught them with my finger, licking it. The taste of the wine mixed with the taste of her body was exciting. My touch gave my sister goosebumps.

  • Mmm … nice, Anyut … – Katya purred.

We drank more wine and were drunk for a long time.

  • Anh …
  • What?
  • Let’s kiss …

I looked inquiringly at my sister.

  • Well … let’s find out how it is … kissing a girl …
  • We’re sisters …
  • So what? It’s just a kiss!
  • Come on…

Katya’s face began to approach mine, my heart seemed to stop now, I could already feel her breath filled with the aroma of wine, our lips touched. The kiss was short-lived, but very tender and hot. I pulled back a little and looked into her eyes, but I could not resist and began to eagerly, passionately kiss my sister, she did not resist at all, answered my kiss. She stroked my back with one hand and buried her hair with the other. I stroked her hips, waist, face. At one point, my sister fell on her back and I was on top. I transferred kisses to her neck, collarbone, breasts with protruding papillae, Katya was breathing heavily, slightly arched, I licked each papilla and continued to go down with kisses, reaching her pubis with a thin strip of curly hair. I ran my tongue from the hole to the clitoris.

  • A-ah … – Katya responded.

I began to caress her pussy more intensively, sucked on tender lips, clitoris, penetrated inside with my tongue. The sister was arching, moaning, squeezing her chest. My face was all in her juice. At some point, she arched in an arc, caught air with her mouth for a few moments, and then, with a groan, a strong tremor ran through her body, her hips tightly squeezed my head. When the trembling passed, Katya went limp, breathing heavily. More than once I saw how she cums during masturbation, but I have never seen such a strong orgasm. Having come to, my sister pulled me to her and began to kiss passionately, penetrating my mouth with her tongue. Then she crawled out from under me with a dexterous movement, leaving me in a knee-elbow position, came up from behind, stroked and kissed my buttocks. Each touch of her made electric shocks run through my body. Suddenly I felt her tongue on my anus, he then walked around the hole, slightly touching it, then up and down, then up and down, it was very pleasant and I began to moan quietly. Katya moved the tongue to my pussy, and began to massage the anus ring with her finger.

I could no longer restrain myself and moaned loudly, rubbed my pussy against my sister’s tongue and face and did not even notice how Katya’s finger was in my ass, I paid attention to it only when the second finger joined him. She did everything so carefully and gently that I did not feel any discomfort or pain, but on the contrary, it all gave me a lot of pleasure and began to finish.

  • Ooh! Katya! Ah-ah!

I have never had such a vivid orgasm, as if I flew into space and back. I collapsed exhausted on the sofa, a pleasant shiver ran through my body in waves. Katya lay down next to her, our bodies intertwined and we began to kiss passionately, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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