Slave fantasy

The hostess went shopping, leaving me with the housework.

I coped with the assigned tasks quickly – skill affects. So what if your hands are shackled behind your back, and your legs are hobbled and tied so that I can only move on my knees, in small steps? Matter of habit.

I can keep the plumbing brush in my mouth too. You can sweep with a broom that has long been attached to the harness on your head – the main thing is to contrive and put it on without hands. You can’t wash the dishes, but I know that the Hostess did it on purpose, so that there was something to punish me for. She told me for a long time that I am too serviceable and skillful bitch, it’s even boring to just punish.

The hardest thing, as usual, is to remove Her underwear … I’m sure She does this on purpose too – when she leaves, she scatters her stockings, panties, bras wherever she gets, and orders everything to be put into a drawer. After all, she knows perfectly well how her slave mongrel reacts to linen that can only be removed with the mouth … I want to worship forever and She knows it …

A member of the pillar, I have not finished for two months … (Especially for – Sorry to sometimes stray from male to female sex. The hostess thinks that I am just a whore of an indeterminate sex, and I have a big and hard clitoris – but, as she says with a laugh “it happens!” Of course, outside the walls of the Landlady’s apartment I am a normal man, but inside these apartments …

Inside, I look the way I usually do and how I do now. I’m naked, only stockings and high-heeled shoes. There is a collar around the neck, of course. Hands and feet are shackled and hobbled, I have already mentioned this. Finally, the most interesting thing. I am wearing a special belt that holds an inflatable plug with a vibrator in my ass, and my penis (sorry, clitoris) is locked in a lock of fidelity.

The hostess believes that a whore should not end up uncontrollably. The more excited the slave, the lower he falls – and she, of course, is right … I really hope that soon I will have a holiday, and I can … but, first things first.

After cleaning up, I attach the chain from the collar to the hook near the front door, and lie prone in anticipation of the Lady …

Finally, I hear the sound of familiar heels and the lock opens. She has a purse in one hand, a phone in the other – the Mistress is talking with one of her friends. Without being distracted from the conversation, She raises her leg and puts it forward without looking. This is already my fence – to instantly catch the heel with my teeth and help Her take off her shoe. The second is immediately followed, and the Mistress stands for a minute, shifting from toes to heels, flexing her legs.

Naturally, at this moment I am already at Her feet – there can be no other way. My tongue is already licking Her fingers, I kiss each nail with my lips. Continuing the conversation, and without throwing a single glance at me, the Mistress turns, lifting each leg – so that I pay attention to Her heels. With respect and reverence, I kiss them one by one, lick them, greedily inhaling the smell of Her sweat. As she once said to me, smiling, “you breathe as if you want to sniff out the whole smell))”.

Out of my ears, I hear the Mistress’s conversation. “Yes, I didn’t buy anything, stupid shops, empty. I wanted new shoes, I didn’t find … yeah, one squalor … I would have to instruct the mongrel to buy … but I went into a new sex shop, there was such a nice saleswoman … yes, she left her a phone to call when there will be good strap-ons … Yes, these, new, strapless, yeah … “.

So, the Mistress is talking with one of her acquaintances Domin, since she so freely talks about the mongrel and the sex shop.

The mongrel is my nickname. We both do not advertise such a relationship, and only a close circle of acquaintances of the Mistress knows.

While I am at a loss as to who She is talking to, the Mistress sits down and unlocks the lock on my hands. I immediately guess why this is – the lady does not even need to tell me. Moreover, she hasn’t told me anything yet – She’s talking on the phone with another Domina!

I slightly rise on my knees, and help to remove the Mistress’s panties with my hands. Usually I have to do this with my mouth, but I know that when the Lady wants to use the toilet, I had to hurry up.

I instantly turn over onto my back and extend my arms so that the Lady would sit down. The jet, as often happens, bursts out of her pussy sharply and strongly – apparently, the Hostess did not go on purpose for a long time, having saved up. There is so much of it that I do not have time to swallow, the jet hits me in the face, in my hair, flows down to the floor … of course, the Mistress is not distracted to see where she gets. It is my duty and task – to catch this amber, tart smelling, tasty liquid! And what I don’t catch – I’ll have to lick it off the floor.

Finally, the last drops fall from Her lips, and I understand that now I need to get out … mmm, not to convey the sensations when my tongue touches Her. A beautiful, deliciously smelling, narrow pussy with a small strip of hairs … Having wiped dry her pussy from urine with my tongue, I can’t stand it, and I start to drill her lips harder with my tongue, each separately and all together …

But it is a little worth to seem wet, as soon as I heard that the Mistress sighed deeper, She stood up abruptly and kicked me in the lips. Either to me, or on the phone, she angrily blurted out, “you saw, the mongrel decided to lick without asking! I almost turned it on, you filthy creature! “

And already on the phone “well, of course, I haven’t finished since New Year. Yes, soon the eighth of March, let’s have some fun. Of course, bring yours, let’s not change traditions! “

My heart stops … at last I understand who the Mistress is talking to! This is her best friend, Mistress Larissa – who has her own slave girl. Here with this, the same powerless rag, we sometimes “happen on the occasion”, as our Mistresses laugh …

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