Sleeping Beauty

Do you know how nice it is to fuck a sleeping wife in the ass? No? Then I’ll tell you.

Sex in our family is quite traditional, so, sometimes a blow job and even then, without enthusiasm, and the wife has a very negative attitude to anal sex, but when she drinks …

My dear wife goes to bed, usually sideways to me, falls asleep quickly and her sleep is very strong, I wait for 15-20 minutes, then I wet my index and middle fingers with saliva and slowly and slowly begin to massage my beloved fool in the ass.

Gradually, he begins to enter deeper and deeper, now he is almost completely included, then I begin to wet my dick, which has already been staked for a long time, with saliva and slowly bring him to my beloved, well-oiled, wet ass.

I press, slowly direct the head inward, God, what a thrill, how tightly the hole fits the member.

Now the most important thing is not to wake her up, you need to move slowly, but the pleasure from this is no less.

I’m pumping up my beloved ass, more, more, faster and faster, my beloved slightly arches her back, she probably has a sweet dream (of course, not about how her own husband is screwing her in the ass).

And now the ending is approaching, well .. well .., something sweet explodes in the brain and it seems that a whole bucket of sperm fills the sleeping and unsuspecting ass.

I take out the dick, which is beginning to go limp, touch the broken point of the faithful, it seems that the bottle will go in there now.

I kiss her hard on the back and happily fall asleep …

And in the morning … “Good morning darling, how did you sleep?”

“Thanks, okay.”

Well, that’s good, until the next booze, honey …

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