Spicy joys

The sun, meeting no resistance, fell on the large bed of the bed – almost an airfield. Two friends, exhausted from heat and desire, exchanged a couple of words. Each noticed that her hands had been walking on her friend’s breasts for a long time. Innocent games gradually grew into something more.

Zhenya was the first to break down, fell silent, listening only to her and her friend’s hot breath, and slowly bent over Lenka’s shaved pubis. My heart fluttered. That’s the line between a “normal girl” and a lesbian. A warm tongue ran over the labia, erasing the line like an eraser pencil lead.

Lena shuddered, squeezing her legs, but a little later she parted it all the way, pushing the elastic of the pink thong further and further. Evgenia smiled, her upper lip faked the raised clitoris, with a dexterous movement captured the button of passion entirely into her mouth.

Zhenya zealously chewed her lips, not forgetting about the work of her tongue. Lust and lust came in a wave. The sensation of doing something pleasing to a friend doubled the sensation. A strange wave ran through the body, as if not doing cunnilingus herself, but doing it for her. The friend’s pubis smelled pleasantly, emitting a strange smell into the air, which made the blood drive through the veins at a greater speed. Lena herself lay sprawled and defenseless, like an angel. Only a blush all over his face and biting lips indicated that what they were doing now was a little wrong.

“To hell with the rules,” Zhenya thought, ripping off her panties.

A hot, slobbering tongue passed over the entire pink surface.

Lena screamed, her pupils dilated, gave the pelvis forward, trying to get her pussy under her friend’s tongue. No matter how I convinced myself that it was “not that”, the body itself waved, bent and stuck out to meet the hot slobbering tongue, trying to use as many nerve points as possible.

Zhenya stopped licking her friend dripping with juice, pulled off the stuck, soaked panties and stretched her pubis to her friend’s pubis, crossing her legs. Shaved lips met, both involuntarily screamed, waving a basin, each in its own time.

The rubbing of hot pussies with small sharp hairs drove both to a frenzy. The cry was not held back, since the house is alone.

Lenka could not stand the first, the body bent in an arc and hit the head with a heady wave, as if drinking champagne, helplessly collapsed on the bed, looking at the white spots before her eyes.

Evgenia, dissatisfied, lay down next to her, kissing her friend in her earlobe, and sincerely hoping for a continuation. Lena was tickled from the lips and the dexterous tongue in the earlobe, hot breath inspired a new desire. Having made up her mind, she jumped out of bed, slapped her bare heels on the parquet floor of the corridor towards the refrigerator.

Zhenya lay flat on the pillow. The friend left, the desire remained. She closed her eyes languidly, under the sharp rays of the sun, forgot herself under the hot light and involuntarily shuddered when she heard a hiss, and something cold lay on her labia. Lena, biting her lip, drew abstract figures with whipped cream on the pink flesh of her partner. It tastes better this way. There is no time to get fat from calories.

Zhenya spread her legs, playing with her nipples. Lena pressed her first kisses through the whipped cream, plunging into bliss. Rather, it was not the inept kisses themselves that played a role, but the feeling that a young golden-haired, innocent angel was engaged in not at all children’s toys with an older girl. Evgenia with black curly hair just looked like a demon temptress.

Lena played as she wanted. The tongue walked along the body down and up, on the sides, arranged a tornado, then froze in one place, driving her friend to a frenzy. When the last cream was licked off, Zhenya pushed aside the young partner, hung down under the bed, groping under the blanket.

Lena involuntarily opened her mouth when in the hands of an older friend appeared a large rubber member on the clips.

  • I … I can’t, – Lena whispered, – I’m a girl.
  • Calm down, kid, no one is forcing you. Just put it on and stab me.

Lena nodded and grabbed the belt with a member in both palms, clinging to it clumsily around the hips. It seemed funny and strange when such a funny unit appeared between the legs.

Zhenya arched her cancer, her vulva throbbed in anticipation. The juices flowed down the inner thighs without requiring lubrication.

Lena pulled herself closer, brought the huge, as it seemed to her, the head of the penis to the thighs of her friend. Zhenya did not let her recover, she herself stumbled upon an artificial phallus and planted halfway.

Lena, listening with a smile to her friend’s sighs, grabbed her ass with her hands and moved her hips, driving the imitator deeper and deeper into Evgenia.

Zhenya bent down, her face rested on the pillow, her hand pressed to the clitoris, violently fiddled with the ring of sensations, increasing the buzz.

Lena tried as best she could, her strength was running out. Like manna from heaven, she waited for her friend’s violent orgasm and fell on the bed, not feeling herself, breathing heavily. Zhenya ran her finger over the juice and handed it to her friend. Lenka licked her finger, smiling. Evgenia last time went over her nipples with her tongue, slid down, jokingly, taking a dildo sticking out to the sky in her mouth.

The games continued. The sun was in no hurry to leave the bed.

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