Strange Kat. Part 1

Kat has never been a pretty girl. Not ugly, no, but she can’t be called a beauty either. Nevertheless, she is very popular with men, and they constantly hover around her. What attracts the stronger sex to her? – I personally could not understand in any way. Yes, she is sociable, pleasant in company, sympathetic companion … In general, she has many talents. But no, I could not understand what my friends find in it. I would not have understood if it had not been for a strange incident.

Everything in our hostel is … that’s it, in common. I live in a large room with two classmates, and in a small room there is a married couple, a little older guys: he is a graduate student, she is almost a graduate. Gena and Lenka are sociable guys, we are constantly having fun with them: disco, baliard or just cultural drinks with a good snack. A crowd of all kinds of people often gathers at Gena’s, and then Lena comes to us to “chase teas”. Or, on the contrary, Genka finds himself outside of his native monastery, and we pump ourselves up with beer and chat all night long.

Kat comes to visit Lenka and often participates in our joint covens. The Sabbat is not a ritual or a satanic rite. For us, this is a way of consuming cosmic energy. Each bottle of beer drunk adds vitality, creativity and especially self-confidence. Here is such esotericism. Unpretentious, but effective.

Once, at one of the parties, as is usually the case, the drink ran out. It’s okay, we quickly organized an expedition. And here we are, Lenka, Kat and I, waiting for Gena and Vovka (my cellmate). I, as the only man in the company, entertain the girls with all sorts of different vulgarities (“… and my mother answers him: this is some kind of garbage between my legs, but the elephant has a thing!”), But alcohol makes itself felt, and now comes the critical moment when “the beer is coming to an end.”

I apologize to the ladies and retire to the meditation room. I must say that the toilet door in our block is pretty skewed, the bolt barely holds. And here I am, sorry for the detail, pissing … And suddenly – BAM! – the door swings open (my first thought: “Vovka and Genka all drank on the way, they will be rowdy again, bastards!”), And Kat stands on the threshold. Now imagine the picture: I am in the pose of a peeing boy (as expected), my eyes are on a nickle, and Kat is looking at my weapon, and her eyes are also on a nickel. Actually, I have something to show, I’m not complaining. At any other time, I would only be glad of such a turn of the matter, if not for the treacherous stream gushing from my hose. A second later, Kat comes in, closes the door behind me and says in a rather casual voice:

  • I’ll see, can I?

I didn’t even have time to think, but she had already squatted down next to me, so that my penis was at her eye level, and looked eagerly at how I was doing my adult affairs.

  • Sit down, I say … – what else could I say?

The jet, as luck would have it, is not weakening, and I feel that I will have to pour another thirty seconds. What to do? These half a minute seemed to me like an eternity, almost a universe in which events rush like a whirlwind, but only past me, and I stand, darzha dick in front of the girl’s face, and piss. Finally, the stream weakened, and I am pleased (still thought, shake off – not shake off?) Tuck my kite into my panties. I turn to Kat – it’s awkward to look into her eyes, but she herself is not at all embarrassed – and I say:

  • Have you watched the cartoon? Pay money.

Of course, it was a joke to defuse the situation. But Kat answers quite seriously:

  • I’ll pay, of course. – and after a second adds, – Do you want to see how the girls do it?

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