Strange Kat. Part 2

She unbuttons her jeans, pulls down her panties (I instantly smell her wet crotch) and sits on the toilet.

  • Ready? She asks.

I nod. Where to go? Play so play. After a couple of seconds, a murmur notifies me that Kat is “in progress.” I confess that I did not find anything interesting in this. A girl sits, relieves herself … Rather, something obscene, an animal than an erotic one. And why is it in porn movies so fond of inserting such scenes? The aesthetics of bowel movements are controversial. Nevertheless, we all use the same organs for the highest pleasure and for the excretion of excess fluid from the body. Paradocas. Or rather, a mockery of nature. A modern person treats this as an annoying misunderstanding, and thinks about it only as part of personal hygiene.

  • Vitya?

Kat’s voice trembles. Is she horny? It becomes interesting to me, and, apparently, it is written on my face, because Kat suddenly smiles at me, smiles as if inviting me to fuck her. Suddenly, I feel that my cock has long been tense, and Kat probably sees it.

  • What, Kat?
  • Vitya, you have to help me.

Like this! I don’t understand anything. I would like to believe that this is a dream, inspired by two liters of light beer. But no, here I am, here is Kat. She reaches for my trousers, unfastens her fly, and now my penis pops out like a spring at will and rests right on her chin. She grabs his mouth, and I, a little discouraged, reflexively take her head with my hands and start fucking her in the mouth. She suddenly breaks out, releases a member from her mouth and says:

  • I need to push through something, you do not complex. I will not tell anyone. And you too, right?

As it turned out, I was already pretty wound up, and therefore was ready for any promises, just to sprinkle sperm into her. I nodded and tried to shove my piston into her mouth. She grabbed him with her hand and pulled him slightly away from her face.

  • Hey! I exclaimed in annoyance.

“Hush,” Kat said, “you don’t understand. I have to give a shit.

I did not immediately grasp the meaning of what was said. I didn’t care if you shove a tomato in your ass, just suck it off as soon as possible. But then it hit me like a butt on the head. What does she want? … With me? !! Only now I noticed that she had already stopped writing (and, probably, for a long time!), And now she is sitting and pushing. Her face turned pink (not red, as it should be, but pink, alluring, waiting), she again tucked my penis down her throat and worked her tongue. I didn’t hold back anymore. I fucked her in the mouth with such force that the head of the penis constantly scratched her palate. She puffed and I moaned. A few seconds later, the space was filled with a scent that cannot be confused with anything. For a second I felt … disgusted, or something, but in fact, I received an even greater charge of excitement. She let out an exclamation of relief (she could not say anything intelligible, you know), and at that moment I finished. Kat was sucking cum out of my hose, and I stood in front of her and writhed with pleasure. Later, remembering this picture, I imagined how comical and at the same time disgusting it must look from the outside: a defecating girl gives a blowjob to a guy who just poured and did not even bother to wash his penis.

“Wow …” I said blissfully.

Kat answered me with the sound of gas coming out.

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