Student caresses

There is one pretty student in our group. Masha’s name. She attracted my attention with her extraordinary appearance: dark, thick hair, waist-length; a beautiful face, the expression on which most often expresses some whim, which makes her even more cute; Brown eyes. Her figure is distinguished, first of all, by a graceful waist and sporty good buttocks. She brought her ass to such a good shape by doing fitness for two years, and for another year she went to twerk classes. Especially when Masha puts on leggings or tight jeans, my penis starts to have an uncontrollable boner, which I do my best to hide. It would not be bad, of course, to start dating Masha, but she had some internal disadvantages. Firstly, she really loves to swear, and not just mention a strong word, but throw three-story sentences right and left, so much so that any drunken plumber would be surprised at her poor vocabulary. And secondly, Masha is a fickle person, she often wanders around nightclubs, which may not please every guy. But all this does not mean that Masha cannot be fucked. And this I really wanted.

As the most successful student in our group, I enjoy a certain authority, helping as much as I can with tips on some tests or independent work, while receiving mutual help. But I’m not a stereotypical nerd, I just love to learn. Well, once, when we were passing the test, I imperceptibly suggested something to Masha, thanks to which she deserved her four. But this time I had as my goal to breed Masha for a blowjob. Her lips were good, as if specially made for male cocks.

After I successfully passed my test at “five”, during the break I went up to Masha and, in one breath, quietly said to her:

  • I helped to earn you a good grade at the test, and you help me to reach orgasm. Give me a blowjob.

Masha fell silent. This silence alerted me. I could have expected anything: slaps, verbal abuse, ridicule, or she would tell her friends about my proposal. Against this background, even an ordinary refusal looked like luck. But Masha turned to me and said with a sense of a certain courage in her voice:

  • Are you fucking serious? Are you asking me for such a simple thing? Yes, please, suck the cock – no big deal. Just where to suck?
  • You can use the toilet. Let’s do it this way: I will ask to leave, and you, too, will ask to leave in two minutes. We have seven, maybe ten minutes for everything. I’ll be waiting for you at the men’s room.
  • Only I have another request for you: lick my pussy before blowjob. It’s just that dildos have gotten enough of themselves to fuck, and here the guy will lick – it’s still more pleasant.
  • Okay, okay, but you can bite your ass?
  • Sure. I don’t feel sorry for my ass. Are you done?
  • Yes.

With a sense of dignity, I entered the auditorium and waited for the right moment. Finally he asked for time off and ran to the restroom. From the thought that such a fucking chick would now suck me off, my penis rose. It’s good that there was no one in the corridor.

So Masha has come. We went to the restroom, closing the door behind us.

  • Well, dick is already worth it? – Masha asked.

“Yes,” I replied. – And you, Masha, are you also wet?

  • Fuck like a flow.
  • Then please, madam! – I said and opened the door of the toilet stall.

The cramped toilet stall accommodated both of us. Closing the door, I grabbed Masha by her buns and kissed her passionately. “And you are kissing pussy!” – Masha noticed. Having pulled down her leggings, and then pink thongs, I finally saw a naked ass, which had delighted me for so long, with large buttocks. At first I slightly nibbled Machine’s ass, and then I buried my face in her buttocks. Finding a wet vagina with my tongue, I licked it with my tongue. The cunnilingus that I did made Masha happy, judging by her moans that turned me on. Her anus, I also did not deprive of attention, sometimes walking over it with my tongue.

Satisfied, Masha stopped me. Then she knelt down and unbuttoned her pants. Seeing my cock, Masha told me: “The blowjob now will be just super! I have been training on phalluses from a sex shop for a long time. ” Masha started her suction. I felt like in an elite brothel: Masha passed her lips and tongue over my entire penis, slid the tip of her tongue over the head and kissed her, jerked off my penis with her hands, gently and tenderly biting the foreskin with her teeth. With her other hand, Masha stroked her pussy, not forgetting about her orgasm.

Skillful blowjob did its job: I vomited my sperm into Masha’s mouth. She showed me the semen in her mouth: the entire mouth cavity and tongue were in a thick, almost white mass, which Masha immediately swallowed all over without hesitation. After rubbing her pussy a little more, Masha closed her eyes, and I saw her hands shaking, and she herself moaned.

Then we left the toilet, washed our hands, face and went on to classes. We went in with an interval of one minute, so as not to arouse suspicion from the teacher. We sat and listened to the lecture, sometimes glancing at each other with tender glances.

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