Student games. Part 1

After the summer holidays, I returned to the dormitory of the institute, to my old room. My partner Lena studied a year older than me, a pretty girl with a slender figure, but small breasts. She had a complex about her breasts, she dreamed of having augmentation surgery. But while the funds did not allow, she put cotton wool in her bra, visually increasing them in volume. Lena was a little eccentric girl, she loved good sex, like me. I was even a little surprised when on the first night she took off her panties without hesitation and fucked herself, one of the rubber dicks stored in a box under the bed. Then she finished 4 times in a row, making 2-minute pauses after orgasm, I thought “found a kindred spirit.” I also really love sex and often masturbated.

I had a boyfriend Maxim, well, as a guy, a young man who sometimes fucked me. Officially, we were all a couple, but we had an open relationship, he slept with whoever he wanted, and I, too, did not sit by the window and did not wait for my sweetheart to push me through. It was even funny when other girls told how they saw him with other women. Maxim was quite handsome, tall and strong, but his main advantage was that he could have good sex. I was delighted with his penis, while he put me on, I finished 2 times at least, or even more. Once he fucked me so hard that during orgasm she wet herself, could not restrain herself and with each push a small stream of urine escaped from me.

Once a month, we got together with a company of about 10 couples plus or minus, some had no time-consuming business, some had red days, etc. therefore, the number varied constantly. We called this meeting “games”, in fact it was a small swing party. As a rule, it was Saturday with a continuation until the middle, or even until Sunday evening. But if holidays fell on these months (such as May 1-2, March 8, February 23), then the collection was oriented towards these days. Having previously discussed the menu and the amount of alcohol, we were dumped into a common cauldron, someone was appointed senior and bought everything we needed, often it was the owner of the rented apartment where we had to gather.

Such evenings could be divided into three stages.

1) The stage is “Merry” – We sat down at the table, ate, drank and played all kinds of games, for example: cards for undressing, mafia (without any sexual connotation), etc. Another interesting game was “Nakhodka” – a leader is chosen from all by drawing lots. Everyone except the presenter is blindfolded. The presenter hangs a small piece of paper with tape on the body of each player, in different places. When he gives the command of readiness, everyone begins to feel by touch and look for these pieces of paper, touching each other. The one who collects more pieces of paper wins. From whom the find was removed, it was forbidden to say that he was clean. Having found a piece of paper, they raised it to the top and the presenter recorded the find and announced “minus one, there are so many finds left.” The most fun began when there were only 1-2 finds.

2) These are the “Games” themselves, we played sex games, organized all kinds of competitions, which I will describe further.

3) This “Coition” all fucked, who wanted with whom and when they wanted.

Then everyone slept off, and in the morning they usually fucked who didn’t fuck whom. Then we had breakfast and all fell in a crowd to watch films, often they were films of erotic or porn content. When watching films, couples retired in a room, and someone without problems did everything on the spot in front of everyone.

And so we will skip stage 1, there was nothing particularly interesting happening, but the next one was already interesting:


As I described above, we played sex games now I will describe some:

“Bottle” – Well, who does not know the bottle … Only ours was with the addition, so to speak, a mixture of “bottle” and “forfeits”, there was a box with wishes where it was from the banal kissing to having sex. When a fant fell out to have sex in any position, to do cunnilingus or a blow job, the action should have lasted no more than a minute, while the guy was not allowed to finish. We had quite a fun evenings spinning a bottle.

“Find a partner” – One girl was blindfolded, and the guys were put in a row. The blindfolded girl was brought to the first boy’s penis, then the second. The task was to please the member of her boyfriend, you could not use your hands and guys make sounds. After the girl found her boyfriend’s penis, she gave him a blow job until he cums, and swallow all the sperm to the last drop. Unleashing her eyes sometimes it turned out that she had sucked the wrong one. Then the other girl was blindfolded, the guys shuffled, and the game continued. They played on the other hand, blindfolded the guy, sat him down at the table, the girls took turns climbing onto the table, spreading their fingers apart, the labia moved forward to the participant. The guy also had the task of guessing his girlfriend’s pussy, after which he got up and fucked her to orgasm.

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