Student games. Part 2

Roulette – There were many roulette options. One of them, the boys on a chair were located in a circle with their backs to each other. The girls sat down and began to do a blow job, a cassette was put into the tape recorder on which a signal was recorded, which was repeated every half a minute. The signal indicated a change of partner, the girls got up and moved clockwise. A couple who had passed away. The winning pair was the last one. Another option was, the girls got on all fours facing each other. Guys fucked them from behind, also changing partners on a signal. There were many options for this game, from various positions to the technique of bringing to orgasm.

“Olympus” – The girls were put in a pose of 69, guys came up from behind and inserted a penis into the pussy. On command, they had to do 10 fictions in the vagina, then take out and do 4 fictions in the mouth of the girl turned to face him. Then again 10 in the vagina 4 in the mouth. The rest watched so that no one got lost. The couple who was the first to finish or get lost was eliminated. The winner was determined according to the Olympic system from the name “Olympus”

There were other games, but they were not particularly popular, I listed the ones that we played regularly.


Well, everything was just preparing the room, that is, the entire center was freed up on which old blankets were laid, we called it the “arena”. Sometimes we were there given to love joys in complete darkness, and sometimes in the light. Here I will describe one of these evenings of intercourse.

Upon entering the room, I saw how several random couples took action, someone had already practiced foreplay, someone had already moved to the next level. Andrey came up from behind, embracing and stroking my tummy. One hand of Andrey went down to my pussy, the other rose and crushed my breasts. His gaze was directed at Ira (his girlfriend), who was already being thrust by some guy, her moans intensified and it looked like she was about to finish. We lay down nearby, I took the already standing member of Andrei in my hand, and with the tongue ran it over the head, I felt Andrei’s member start up. Having teased the head with my tongue, I went down to the scrotum and with my tongue held it along the entire length of the penis to the bridle. Licking the bridle, I swallowed his penis to the ground with a sharp push. Having been in this position for a few seconds, and raised her head clasping a member, she began to jerk him while caressing the head with her tongue. Around, everyone had already broken up into pairs and started an orgy, groans were heard, some were already screaming in anticipation of orgasm. I got up and saddled Andrei, his penis filled my entire insides, with sharp jerks Andrei brought me to orgasm, soon his breathing intensified and I felt him pouring his seed into me. As soon as Andrei finished, I fell on my back, with my fingers I went into my hole and scooped up some sperm. Then, turning my head towards him, I sucked these fingers, saying “what a delicious”. Andrei immediately got up, putting me on all fours and began to lick my pussy. After a while, he drove his stake into me and with strong jerks brought me to orgasm, after which he finished again. Here I just collapsed without strength and for about a minute lay shuddering from the effects of orgasm.

This orgy lasted about an hour. After releasing the tension, everyone sat down in a circle and played ball of desires. The rules were those who had the ball, said their sexual desire, and the partner (s) was called to fulfill this desire. The ball was thrown to someone else, who will voice the desire next, and the one who voiced his desire went to the center and in front of everyone, his desire was satisfied. One of my wishes was to be fucked in 2 holes at the same time.

Kolya and Denis volunteered to satisfy my desires. They put me with cancer, Denis began to massage my anus and around it. After kneading, I felt how he begins to smear the anus with petroleum jelly, continuing to massage the entrance, gently pressing on it. After the first finger penetrated, Denis began to make forward movements. After a while, he added a second finger. When my ass was ready to take a member, Kolya lay down on his back and unloaded me on his unit, I clearly felt it with the walls of the vagina. Behind Denis sat down, I felt his member rested against the entrance of the anus. Slowly pushing, the head penetrated into my hole, he froze for a while, letting my sphincter get used to, then he continued to push his penis down to the base. Having immersed it completely, he slowly began to make forward movements, accelerating the pace. Soon 2 dicks were moving in full swing in my two holes. A pleasant wave swept over me, I did not moan with pleasure, I screamed. The wave of orgasms captured and consumed me entirely. While the guys were pounding me, I finished 3 times in a row, and after each other, with a short interval, the guys finished in me. I felt with rapture how they filled me. Having freed me from the “Vise”, I crawled on all fours to my place, sperm flowing down my inner thighs from my holes. Sitting for the rest of the evening, I wiped it off myself and savored it with rapture.

In the morning I woke up from some strange squeak, opening my eyes I saw how the homeworker walks in the ass in front of Lena’s head (my roommate in the room). Turning my head to the side, I saw my boyfriend’s Max who was driving his barrel hard into her pussy. Through the squeak of Lena, there were slaps and blows. I reached out and felt Lena’s clitoris, I began to pull at it with pressure. Lena was stunned and cursed her chest at me, sticking out her ass, so that Maxim would continue to fuck her. Soon Max finished, pouring out his semen on Lena’s back, some of the sperm got on me. Lena put her ass on her side, turned to me with a happy face, said – “Your Maxim, this is something.”

In our club there were a number of rules, one of them is that we can change partners only at the “games” secret meetings between participants outside the “game” are prohibited (Well, of course, except if you are a couple). We often had Max in the dorm room and I didn’t forbid to fuck Lena. Yes, and Lenin Dima also sometimes fucked me when Max is not there, and the desire to ride a member is great.

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