Submission to Larisa

We met Larisa on the Internet. I immediately liked the photos of a graceful black-haired lady with my favorite third bust size. Larisa 38. I am much younger than her, nevertheless we easily found a common language and quickly agreed to meet – the next first time was planned for me. I have long wanted to surrender myself into the powerful hands of an experienced woman, and to do this in the form of total submission, fulfilling her every desire or whim. I am 23 years old, I work as a manager in a car dealership, the first year, but quite successfully, I have not had a serious relationship for a long time, but the Internet every now and then promoted new romantic acquaintances. Before meeting Larisa, I had only normal bed relationships with girls, but this time my intention was firm. An appointment at a dinner in a cafe brought me a woman of my fantasies – slim, sexy, with a domineering look – she invited me to her place. The conditions consisted in the execution of any commands received.

My excitement on the road was unthinkable, I talked detachedly with Larisa, but thought only about the upcoming events. I was not surprised by the modern European decor of her apartment on the top floor of a high-rise building – the business track was engaged in wholesale of stationery and things were going very well. Taking off our outerwear, we went into the hall, on the table was a bottle of red wine and fruit. Larissa sat down on a leather sofa and I, ahead of the team, opened the wine and handed a half-filled grocery to the lady, and immediately agreed to the offer to drink at brotherhood to relieve excessive tension. the sweet kiss did not last long, we emptied the groceries again and Larisa pointed to the center of the room. My long-awaited game has begun.

  • Take off your clothes.

I took off my T-shirt, unfastened my belt, pulled off my jeans and socks and stayed in front of Larisa in shorts.

  • shoot.

I appeared before her vaguely, my penis reacted violently to what was happening and stood like never before. Larissa got up, put the grocery down and came up to me – ran her hands over my ass, back and put her hand on her shoulder, pressing down, and put her on her knees.

  • Dima, you are my doll, what I want with you is what I do, you are prohibited from any amateur performance, clearly follow all my commands, otherwise you will find out what real severity is. Kiss my feet.

I bent down and got down to business. It turned out that this is one of her favorite activities – I had to stand in this position for a long time.

  • Okay, now let’s go to the bathroom, real dolls are clean, and a whole forest grows on you.

A spacious bathtub would easily accommodate four people, Larisa took an epilator out of the bedside table and quickly removed all the vegetation on my chest, under my arms, on my legs, and walked in the intimate area with a razor and said that now I always come to her only in this form, and still clean inside. She left the bathroom and returned with an enema.

  • Your ass should always be ready to play.

Three times my stomach was almost completely filled with warm water, and my body was completely cleansed, no matter how hard it was for me.

  • Well, that’s better.

Larisa took off her skirt, she was not wearing panties, her hips were completely convex, she was a very beautiful figure, there was a light cannon between her legs. She quickly went to the toilet, and I cleaned her salty bosom with my tongue. We returned to the hall on the sofa and I continued my work. She liked it, her body shuddered and wriggled, with another groan, she deflected my head.

  • Ok … now it’s your turn, have you ever played with your ass?

Although a couple of items from my home collection had been there, I shook my head.

  • Lie on the sofa with your back and lift your legs.

She went to the sideboard and took the black suitcase in which she kept the sex accessories. Larissa squeezed grease out of the tube and lubricated my hole with her fingers.

Then she put on leather panties with a strapon – the artificial phallus looked about 15 centimeters long, came close to me and smoothly, but fully inserted the device into me. A sharp pain pierced my body and a loud groan escaped involuntarily, for which I immediately received a slap in the face. Larissa completely left me and again invaded with force, the pain doubled. this time I pressed my lips together tightly and endured. She went out again and came in again, and I caught myself thinking that this was beginning to give me pleasure, unknown before. She moved fast enough and as soon as she touched my long-already strained penis, I finished, not like I finished earlier, the feeling was much brighter, I splashed sperm on the floor of my stomach. Larissa ran her hand over the drops and ran her fingers over my mouth, forcing me to lick them.

  • Go take a shower and come back quickly.

I washed and came back to the hall.

  • I have a gift for you, try it on.

She handed me an artificial phalos with ropes, which turned out to be a special vibrator. Now I myself abundantly lubricated the ass and phallus and introduced it into myself, the ropes clung to a special retainer-ring, which I put on the penis. Larissa took the remote control in her hands, pressed the button and a member started working in me. She spread her legs and I, ahead of the events, clung to her pussy and began to work intensively with my tongue. With her hand she lowered me to the ass and I licked her second hole, deeply sticking my tongue. This time Larisa did not let me finish, and the vibration did not give me much pleasure. instead, I did a long massage of her legs, oral, of course, while she was resting.

“I’m tired for the whole week, and I want to sleep, you can jerk off so that I don’t see sperm anywhere, then take a shower and go to sleep here on the couch, don’t take off your panties, prepare breakfast for me by 10 am and wait in the kitchen. I went to the bedroom.

I did everything as she said and lay down on the leather sofa, Larisa forbade touching her clothes, I was naked. Ahead of us were Saturday and Sunday, and all life.

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