Summer day

It’s been two years since I got into her net. But I’ll start with how it happened. I was twenty-six then, and I got a job in a construction company as a clerk. I also met and made friends with Katya there. She had worked for this company for a long time and in her thirties enjoyed authority. As a HR manager, she was sometimes very tough. After we became friends, I visited her home many times. When she was ill, I brought her medicines and gave her hot tea. When I asked why she, such a beautiful, gorgeous girl and not married, she joked, or kept silent. On the contrary, I complained a lot about my husband, who could not find a job to his liking and was jealous of every pillar.

And so, on that summer day, two years ago, we were returning from work on foot.

  • Irisha, let’s come to me ?! She asked, looking at me.
  • I don’t even know, Katya!
  • Come on, Irish! You said yourself that yours went to the village to see your mother! Let’s sit and chat, otherwise it’s boring to spend the evening with the telly again!
  • Well, let’s go, or something! – I agreed.

We went up to her two-room apartment, with a luxurious renovation and furnished with expensive furniture. She quickly took out chocolates, sweets, made sandwiches with red caviar, and put a bottle of wine and whiskey on the coffee table.

  • Irish, I’ll go and change, and you bring the juice from the refrigerator!
  • OK!

When she came out of the bathroom, I was confused. I was not even at a loss, but regretted that I was not a man. She came out in a short silk robe that sat on her so sexy. Her slender legs would drive anyone crazy.

  • You’re not hot in your dress ?! You can take a shower too, I have a bathrobe! – Sitting down in a chair opposite me and pouring whiskey, she said.
  • No, it’s easy for me! And I’ll probably drink some wine!
  • Better whiskey with juice! – making a cocktail in a glass, served me.

In two hours we drank whiskey and discussed everyone and everything. I caught myself thinking that I was increasingly paying attention to Katya’s legs. They were so well-groomed, with noticeable muscles, and so attractive. Then I thought it was from the drink. I had no idea that I could like women as a sexual object. Now I understand that Katya noticed my looks at her legs long ago, and gave me the opportunity to admire them. She deliberately slightly parted her legs and I was struck with lightning by the thought “she’s without panties!” Katya poured more wine and said: – Come on, Irisha, let’s drink! She looked me straight in the eye and smiled. When we drank, she came up to me and sat down next to me on the sofa.

  • Irish, tell me honestly, do you like my legs ?!

I felt myself blush and lowered my head.

  • Well, what are you? – She moved closer to me and lifted my chin with her fingers. I turned my head and looked at her.
  • You are very beautiful! – I answered quietly.

She, lightly touching her lips, kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear: – I have not had sex for a long time! You won’t leave your friend in trouble, will you ?!

  • What can I do?!
  • Much, my dear, much! She said in a whisper in her ear, while kissing her lobe.
  • I do not know what! – I answered, feeling that from her kisses, desire flares up in me.
  • You saw that I was without panties ?!

Everything that was happening obviously excited me. I was enjoying her tender lips, which were already slightly sucking on the earlobe, replied quietly: – Yes, I saw!

  • Clever girl, Irisha, do you want to caress her ?! – She asked, and taking my hand, put it to her pussy, spreading her legs.

For the first time in my life, I touched someone else’s pussy. Katya was very excited, my fingers immediately felt it.

  • I’ve never been with a woman before! – I answered in a whisper.
  • It’s nothing, it’s fixable! Sit down! – said Katya and helped me to sit on the floor at her feet. She flung open her robe and lay down on the couch. She threw one leg over me, and I was between her legs. In some 50 cm from me was her beauty, who asked for affection.
  • Irish, lick me!
  • But, I, suddenly finds out who?
  • I won’t tell anyone, don’t be afraid! Nobody will know!
  • You want me to lick you ?!
  • Of course, dear, of course! I am already exhausted from desire!

I slowly approached and kissed her next to the pussy.

  • No, that will not do! – said Katya and taking me by the hair, pressed me to the pussy. I touched her petals with my tongue, licking her juice. Katya groaned and I began to lick her. I obviously liked it. I myself was already flowing, at least squeeze your panties. Katya held my hair and rhythmically moved the booty.
  • Just don’t stop, my little one !! – Katya shouted. And I was not going to stop, I liked to lick her. I felt that she was pressing my head tighter, moaning more often and louder. Then through the moans, I heard: – Suck her !! I’m going to cum now !! I instantly sucked on her pussy, and she began to shudder in orgasm. I was pleased that I brought it to the peak.
  • You are just gold, Irisha! – breathing often, she said.

I smiled and touched her wet pussy with my tongue.

  • What did you like ?!
  • Yes – I answered, pleased. That night, I stayed with her and a woman licked me for the first time. Then Katya fucked me with a vibrator, and I myself asked to give me a lick.

From that time on, I became like a drug addict. Even sex with a husband does not give such satisfaction. I want to feel the pussy with my tongue. Several times, in the afternoon at lunchtime, I came to Katya’s office. She closed the door and I licked her. And sometimes, after work, she says: – Come to me, quickly lick and go home! And I can no longer refuse her. I don’t know why I’m so addicted to this.

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