Take off your panties, Gosha. Part 1

Since childhood, Gosha decided that he wants to become an actor – by all means play the main roles, make the girls fall in love with their heroes and with themselves, smile from the pages of glossy magazines and, if lucky, become not just loved, but also Honored.

But from the first time he did not succeed in entering the theater – just a little was not enough. And the desire to be an actor has only become stronger. Gosha did not get into the army thanks to his seventeen years, he prepared even more diligently than before, and on the second attempt he nevertheless made a confident step towards his dream.

He starred more than once somewhere in the crowd, and once in the spring he came across an ad looking for a young guy for almost the main role.

  • Goshan, have you prepared? In the cinema, after all, everything is through the bed, – his best friend laughed when, after the abandoned application, Gaucher was called and invited to the casting.
  • Fuck you, – Krasin swore at him. – You always look at all sorts of crap, and then repeat like an idiot. And through what bed – what am I, woman or what?

In a small office, Gosha was met by a pretty woman in an elegant business suit that accentuated her hips and neat breasts.

  • Angelina Reshetova, – she introduced herself. – Casting director of the project. And we have you … – she looked at the entry in her notebook. – Georgy Krasin. Eighteen years.
  • Yes it’s me.
  • Great, – Angelina smiled. She got up from her seat, walked around the desk and found herself next to the guy frozen in the center of the office. – Do not stand in a pillar, Gosha, sit down, – she nodded towards a small sofa by the wall. – Or is it better to call you Zhora? Just tell me.
  • Better Gosha.

He sat down on the offered sofa, and the casting director immediately sat down side by side, slightly touching Gosha’s leg with her knee and subtly intoxicating her with her sweet perfume.

  • Perfectly. Tea coffee? – suggested Reshetova, but the future actor, having thanked, refused. – As you want. Then about the case. The film is not to say that it is planned to be big, and the budget, to be honest, matches it. But this will not prevent our film from gaining audience recognition. If, of course, the actors show themselves well, – she said.

Angelina ran her fingers over Krasin’s shoulder, as if smoothing out the folds on his checkered shirt, and the guy visibly tensed from these touches. He never participated in such castings – the crowd was always immediately called to the shooting, explained the tasks and sent to the frame. And then a one-on-one meeting … Gosha did not know how to behave, and what should be considered commonplace for this type of communication.

  • Do not be afraid, I do not bite, – seeing Gosha’s constraint, said Reshetova. Her hand slid down, gently stroking the guy’s knee. – But, I must confess, I really like your constraint, this slight excitement and misunderstanding. Just what you need for the role. Let’s go, Goshenka, – Angelina got to her feet and, taking Gosha by the hand, pulled him after her. – Let’s test with you.

Reshetova led him into the next room, closed the door tightly, and after a moment Gosha heard the key turn several times in the keyhole. He turned, staring blankly at Angelina.

“So no one will bother us,” she explained. – I’ll go away for a minute: powder my nose. And don’t be shy, Gosha: take off your pants and climb onto the bed.

Reshetova pointed to the side, and Gosha, turning sharply, as if only at that very second noticed a bed covered with a red blanket, occupying almost half of the space. Stupid thoughts began to flatter in my head, and Gosha clearly remembered the words of his friend.

  • Why is this all? He asked, looking at the woman. – You said … what are these auditions for which you suggest I undress?
  • Goshenka, have you never heard that people get into the cinema exclusively through bed? – asked Angelina, and from her tone Gosha could not understand whether she was joking or speaking seriously.
  • I heard, but … – Krasin responded in confusion. – It’s not like that!

“Not so for someone,” the casting director shrugged her shoulders with a carefree smile, once again finding herself inexorably close. She brushed the invisible specks of dust off his shoulder and put her hand on Gaucher’s chest, practically burning him through his shirt. – And for someone … You want to start in the cinema right now and become successful, right? I know it’s true and I can help you with it.

  • But I do not want with you … you … – Krasin hesitated, understanding what Reshetova was hinting at, but not knowing how to say that he did not want to have sex with her. Not for the role, much less just like that. “You’re not quite my type.

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