Take off your panties, Gosha. Part 2

Angelina laughed at his words.

“Goshenka, dear,” she said, still affectionately, “to fuck the casting director, it’s not enough to read the ad and want to act. Even not all successful actors can boast of such experience.

  • And then what? – Georgy was confused.

“Take off your pants,” Reshetova repeated, “and wait for me.

She moved towards another door visible in the wall, and was about to hide behind it, without explaining anything to Gaucher, but then changed her mind. Angelina turned around and took a few steps, returning back to the guy. She almost touched him with her breast and spoke to his ear:

“Don’t think you can leave without a test.

Her voice sounded completely different from before. There was not a drop of affection and good nature in him; on the contrary, there was an icy coldness. Gosha did not dare to budge and say at least something in response.

“I can, of course, open the door for you,” Reshetova added. – But in this case, the whole film world will receive the most not good characteristics about you. They won’t even call you into the crowd, Gosh. So decide.

Gosha did not know what to think and how to behave.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to go to bed with Angelina or anyone else. Moreover, Reshetova said that he was not mature enough to fuck the casting director. What then lies ahead for him in this bed? Gosha shook his head, afraid to think beyond this question.

On the other hand, he really wanted to become a real actor, to play recognizable characters … Angelina spoke so confidently that her words could not be trusted, and Gosha was really afraid that one word of hers and all his dreams would turn into a heap of ashes …

For Gosha, fear drowned out all other feelings, and when the door opened again, his ironed trousers were already folded flat on a stool almost at the very entrance.

  • And you are a smart boy, I was not mistaken in you, – Angelina praised him, and Gosha turned to her voice.

Angelina changed her image and now stood in front of Krasin in an unbuttoned dark blue blouse, from under which a black bra could be seen, absolutely without a skirt, but still in the same matte shoes with elegant stilettos.

Gosha’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, and the gaze stopped below a woman’s waist, which could not hide from Angelina.

  • Like? She asked with a smile.

Angelina wrapped her hand around the rubber member dangling between her legs, and her thin fingers with a neat manicure, slipped several times from the base to the head and in the opposite direction.

“W-why is that? – Stuttering, asked Krasin.

  • My dear boy, – coming closer, Reshetova turned to him. – Why these stupid questions? You didn’t think you were taking off your pants to read the script, did you?

Gosha couldn’t find what to say. He continued to stand in the center of the room, perplexedly looking at Angelina’s cock, not knowing what to think, and breathing, it seems, only once.

“Stop staring at him like that,” Angelina asked. She sank on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs, and took a look at the guy. – Come to me, Goshenka.

Krasin took a few steps on wadded feet and stopped a little to the side, covering his light-colored swimming trunks with some stupid cartoon characters with his hands. – Don’t be shy, come closer. Right here, in front of me, – Reshetova clarified, and Gosha slowly approached, freezing a few centimeters from her. – What beautiful panties you have, – she noted, removing Gosha’s hands to the sides, and fleetingly took a look up, rather noting the slight blush on the guy’s cheeks. “But you don’t need them now. I will help.

The casting director deftly picked up the edges of the swimming trunks and confidently pulled them down, gradually exposing Krasin’s household, and at the same time driving him more into the paint from shame and embarrassment. He stood, afraid to move, and looked somewhere through the bed, reddening before his eyes.

  • I will not embarrass you at all, – Reshetova laughed, throwing his panties to the floor. – Stay in your shirt. Get on the bed, Goshenka. Just not too deep, otherwise you and I will be uncomfortable. And get on all fours.

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