Take off your panties, Gosha. Part 3

Legs almost did not obey Gosh, but he still managed to take a half step towards the bed and climb onto it. The head refused to think, and the only thing Krasin dreamed of was to wake up quickly, run to the bath and wash with cold water, washing away the remnants of a nightmare.

Only it was not a dream.

Angelina squeezed his buttocks with her fingers, massaging a little and now and then spreading them apart. Gosha felt impossibly uncomfortable, and Angelina enjoyed this embarrassment of his, the way his butt shrinks from fear, how his knees tremble slightly. She admired his delicate skin, recently hidden from her eyes, smiled, seeing that she was not even touched by a tan, and realizing that she would be the first to enter this boy.

  • Something you are completely silent, my dear, – Angelina turned to Krasin and suddenly slapped him loudly on the butt with her palm. The guy flinched, but did not dare to voice. – Nothing, I’ll still hear you today.

Reshetova stepped aside, opened the drawer of the bedside table at the head of the bed, and Gosha was able to see how a small tube appeared in her hands.

Angelina walked around the bed and again disappeared from the field of view of Gosha, who did not dare to turn back. There, where Angelina stopped and where his naked ass stuck out to the top.

One of the halves of his priests was pushed to the side, and Angelina squeezed a generous portion of lubricant onto Goshin’s compressed sphincter. Instinctively, his buttocks tensed, and he brought them closer together.

  • Relax, Gosha. You don’t want to be hurt, do you?

“Don’t spoil me,” Krasin said, making up his mind, barely audibly. – You are welcome.

  • Nobody is going to spoil you, my dear, – Angelina responded affectionately, as if the truth was just a script going to read with him. – I’ll just fuck your nice ass. Your tight virgin ass, my dear.
  • Please, – Gosha pleaded even more quietly, but Angelina was not going to listen to him.

Her hand slid between Gosha’s buttocks, gently stroking the skin and smearing the lubricant gel on the dark ring of his untouched anus.

Gosha hastily brought his legs together when Angelina’s finger smoothly entered his ass, but she did not react to it. She did not ask him to relax, did not stroke his thigh soothingly, but only pressed harder, entering all three phalanges. Gosha remembered her words and tried to relax, spreading his legs again and not squeezing his ass like that.

  • Already two fingers, and you were afraid, – confidently wielding her hand, said Angelina.

Gosha tried not to think about what was happening, he squeezed the bright fabric of the coverlet between his fingers and stared into it with an unseeing gaze.

  • And now the most interesting, – answered Angelina.

Krasin felt that she stopped sticking her fingers into his anal hole and moved slightly to the side. But after a moment Angelina was again near – he felt her literally with his skin – poured a new portion of lubricant and gently smeared it on the ring of the anus and pushed deep into his rectum.

Gosha froze. I felt my heart pounding madly in my chest, literally trying to break out. And for a moment he squeezed his buttocks again. Then he really came to his senses and tried to relax, but still he was afraid that Angelin’s rubber member would break him.

  • Do not be afraid, my dear, I do not want you anything bad.

Angelina froze right in front of Gosha, gently stroked his thighs, leaned forward, touching the rubber member of his skin and making him worry even more, and gently ran her palms over his stomach, leaving traces of intimate gel on the skin.

“M-maybe not m-need,” Krasin said again, and Angelina seemed to be doing nothing but waiting for his words. The head of her small penis touched Gosha’s sphincter. – You are welcome.

As soon as the guy only asked for mercy, Reshetova, squeezing his left buttock with one hand, confidently grabbed the trunk of her penis with the other and sent it straight to Gosha. The head slid like butter over the abundantly lubricated intestine and disappeared into the guy’s anus.

  • Oh, – breathed out Gosha.

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