Take off your panties, Gosha. Part 4

Angelina slowly introduced her rubber penis into the guy’s ass, letting Gaucher get used to new sensations and stretching his anal centimeter by centimeter. Gosha groaned softly, clenched the knocked down red veil in his fists and refused to believe that all this was really happening to him.

He had a completely different idea of ​​the beginning of his intimate life. More than once pictures were drawn in his head of how he would invite a girl of the same age to the cinema, then they would take a walk in some of their favorite places, and then finally they would hide at his or her house, spread the bed … Gosha almost saw in reality how will enter his beloved girl, and she, clinging to him with her hands, will begin to moan sweetly from his increasingly confident pushes.

But fate played a cruel joke on him, and it turned out that the first sexual contact had nothing to do with Gosha’s dreams.

In fact, an unfamiliar woman tightly squeezed his buttocks, slightly pushing them apart, and confidently introduced her rubber penis into him, depriving Gosha of anal virginity. Gosha whined pitifully under Angelina, clenched the veil more tightly in his fists and obediently took in a dildo, which was almost two dozen centimeters long.

  • You see, Goshenka, it’s not so scary, – entering the guy to the full length, Angelina responded. She bent down without leaving him and letting his priest get used to a foreign object, and hugged Gosha, pressing against him with her whole body. “Obedient boys make good actors,” she added, burning his neck with her breath.

Reshetova pulled back, leaving only the head of her penis in Gaucher, dripped a little more lubricant and, tightly squeezing her fingers on the guy’s waist, confidently moved her hips, immediately entering him almost the entire length.

  • A-ah! – Tears fell from his lips, tears gushed out of his eyes, and Gosha practically fell onto the bed from such an unexpected and unceremonious entrance. Angelina held him, pulled him over, forcing him to return to his place, and entered already to the end, pressing her hips against his buttocks.
  • Be patient, my dear, – Angelina responded making smooth jerks. – It’s always difficult in the beginning. But then you will take in members longer and thicker.

“I won’t,” Krasin threw in through a groan.

“Remember this when you ask the girls to fuck you harder,” Reshetova chuckled at him.

She began to move inside Gosha, practically without pauses. That drove the member to the very base, making several sharp jerks inside the tightly enclosing intestine. That practically went out, leaving only one head in the guy’s anal, smoothly entered again and again almost left his body.

Gosha got used to the rubber member inside himself so much that he was even afraid to think about what he moans when Angelina enters his stretched anal. From pain and disgust for everything that this woman does to him, or … from the pleasure that Angelina is fucking his ass?

Reshetova steadily increased the pace, now not leaving the no longer virgin Gosha priests and more and more hammering into him with a rubber member. He freely glided inside Gosha, smeared with an intimate gel and did not receive a drop of resistance – the guy relaxed, willingly letting in his penis and sometimes even waving his hips to him.

  • A-a-ah. Oh! Ah, – he did not hold back.
  • You see how good it is, but you didn’t want to, – said Angelina and, as if offended, made several even stronger pushes before letting the exhausted guy fall on the bed, sliding off her rubber member. – I’m taking you on a role in our picture.

Angelina unfastened her rubber member, throwing it on the bed next to Gosha, who was trying to catch his breath, opened the laptop lying on the nightstand and, pressing a couple of keys, turned it to the guy with the screen.

“Look here, Goshenka,” she asked, and when Krasin turned on the bed, she turned on the video that appeared on the screen.

It took Gaucher just a second to recognize the room on the video, Angelina fucking him in the ass, and himself, squeezing the red veil with his fists and obediently taking the rubber cock into her asshole.

  • What is it? – Looking up at Angelina filled with horror, Krasin could only ask.
  • This is a guarantee that you will obey me, my dear, – Reshetova smiled. – Otherwise, every student and teacher of your theater will receive this video. Put on your pants, Gosha, you and I still need to run through the script.

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