Tattoo artist. Part 2

For about an hour it was quiet. We talked a couple of times about different nonsense. But mostly only the hum of the car was heard.

Suddenly she twitched slightly. Did I look at her? The eyes are closed, the eyebrows are furrowed, the lower lip is bitten. But the girl is in pain. Damn, how long does she take like this? And she didn’t say a word. And I, a fool, got carried away.

  • fool, you are in pain, so why are you silent?
  • did not want to distract you, you were so keen.

She smiled a little forcibly.

  • Firstly, not “You,” but “You,” and secondly, if it hurts, speak up. Let’s take a break.

I put the typewriter aside. There, in the lower abdomen, where the drawing was already half full, the skin turned red and slightly swollen. I was fascinated, damn it with two. Always like that, you get carried away with the process and forget about everything. A girl with unbuttoned pants lies in front of me. And I got carried away to work. Yes, sometimes. I turned, took out a piece of gauze, wiped the excess mascara from her belly. She winced slightly. Still, there is little pleasure. I blew on a fresh drawing.

  • so less painful?
  • yes, it’s easier that way.

She looked at me for a couple of seconds and closed her eyes again.

I blew on the skin again. She smelled of some kind of light perfume. The smell is slightly sweet, fresh, like a peach. I got carried away … I blew more, and then, I myself do not know from what thoughts, I bent lower over her, touched his lips to her stomach. I ran my tongue next to the contours of the drawing. Stopped looking at her. She opened her eyes and silently looked at me. Baby.

  • doesn’t it hurt?
  • no, it doesn’t hurt …
  • can I have more?

She silently ran her hand over my shoulder, over the hand that was still on her stomach.

  • Yes. A quiet, barely audible voice. Not even an answer, but rather a light sigh.

I again bent over her, became light, barely touching kiss her belly, afraid to hurt her, afraid to frighten her with my actions. My tongue slid to her navel, outlined a circle around it, rose a little higher and froze in the hollow where the ribs end. I didn’t know if I could continue and was afraid to hear a refusal. “Damn, like a boy, really,” it occurred to me. I felt her hand. She ran through my hair, on my cheek, above my temple, then came back below, and touched her chin with her fingers. I didn’t need to hear her answer, I already understood. I lifted her by the shoulders and pulled off her shirt. He got up and bent over her. She looked into my eyes. The face is quite childish, the nose is slightly snub-nosed, the lips are plump, and the eyes seem to be a little frightened and at the same time, somewhere deep, deep in them, a challenge is visible. I kissed her nose. She smiled and threw her arms around me. He touched her lips, ran his tongue over them. She parted her lips slightly.

My tongue traveled down her neck, down her collarbones, down to her chest. I pulled back a little. I looked at her, she looked at me from under her eyelashes. The cheeks are slightly flushed, the lips are parted. Bust the color of baked milk with chocolate nipples. Two sweet mounds.

  • Kid, you have amazing breasts

She pulled me to her. Gently, but more insistently. I blew on the nipple and it hardened like a stone in one second. She sighed softly. I ran my tongue across the chest, a circle around the nipple. He kissed this small solid stone and took it into his mouth. She tensed in my arms. I started kissing her breasts, feeling that the desire to possess her is getting stronger and stronger and that my heart is pounding. I covered her entire chest with kisses, caressed her nipples, then gently stroking them, then lightly biting. I saw that she liked it, she pressed against me, reached out for me.

I freed myself from her embrace, raised myself above her. He took off his shirt. She looked at me in silence, her breathing was almost inaudible, only her chest heaved with each inhalation and exhalation. I ran my hand over her cheek, pushed a lock of hair from her face. She caught my hand with her fingers, pulled it to her and took my finger in her mouth. At first she just kissed him with her wet lips, then closed her eyes and began to suck him. Damn if what she does with my finger, her lips, teeth and tongue

She will do with my cock too, I will go crazy. Such thoughts made me dizzy, I could hardly resist. Little naughty girl. She saw what result her games had on me. As if reluctantly, she let go of my finger. I unbuttoned her pants, pulled them off. She bent over and pulled off her socks and remained in only panties, which stood out in a dazzling white triangle against the background of her slightly tanned skin.

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