Tattoo artist. Part 3

She sat up very straight, threw back her head and looked into my eyes. Tolya smiled mysteriously, roofing felts shyly. I ran my hands into her red hair. She pressed against me. She ran her fingers over my shoulders, along the line of my collarbones, through the hair on my chest. She touched her tongue to my nipple. I began to lick it easily, drawing imaginary lines with my fingers on my back. I closed my eyes, buried my face in her hair. It is as if new patterns that I do not understand are being drawn on my skin with a soft brush. They intertwine, take the form of hieroglyphs, signs. stretching from my shoulders to my chest, further to my stomach, below …

I opened my eyes, took a deep breath, trying to collect my thoughts in the proper order. But she would not let me do it. She lowered her fingers below my belly, bowed her head so that I could only see the back of her head and shoulders.

A little bit more and I can’t stand it without even starting.

I bent down, put my hands under her spread legs, grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She grabbed my shoulders with her hands, afraid to fall. I lifted her higher, she laughed softly.

My ginger kitten, my little girl …

I carried her to the sofa. I laid it on him. She shyly covered her chest with her hand like a child. I sank to the floor in front of her. Kneeling, he pulled her hand away from her chest. Kissed her, she caught my tongue with her lips. Our languages ​​are intertwined. I felt her body tighten, pressed her with one hand tighter to me, the other hand dropped along her body. I ran it over the fabric of her panties, down there they were slightly damp. I squeezed harder. She arched her back with a groan. I pulled off her panties. I pulled back. She lay in front of me, naked, looking out from under her eyelashes. The hair is disheveled, the lips are moist, the cheeks and the bridge of the nose are slightly reddened.

I leaned forward and grabbed her legs, she put them on my shoulders, weaved them behind my back. I started kissing her belly, the inside of her thighs. He ran his hand through the curls of her pubic hair. She trembled all over. I parted her lips, everything inside was already wet, even wet. I ran my tongue along the small lips. She answered me with a low moan. I caught her clitoris with my lips and began to lick it, slowly at first, barely touching it. The groans grew louder. I looked up for a minute to look at her. She lay with closed eyes, breathing heavily and caressing her chest with her fingers. I again bent over her lips, put my hand on them, pressed it harder and began to drive in a circle. Grasping the clitoris and small lips with the palm. She arched her back and grabbed my shoulders. I stopped my movements again, left my hand on her pussy, only spread my index and middle fingers, so that the pearl of the clitoris was just between them. I began to fiddle with her tongue. The finger of the other hand launched into her cave, then the next finger and began to examine it from the inside. Never ceasing to caress her tongue, making either strong short touches, or gentle and long ones.

She was already so excited that moisture flowed out of her, and I licked off these drops. I wanted to drink it all to the bottom. I tried to suck it all out. But then I felt the approach of her orgasm. She tensed like a string under my fingers. She began to move her ass to the beat of the touch of my tongue. Her moans had already turned into shouts. She could not contain herself any longer. I began to tease her clitoris even harder and faster, moving my fingers deeper and more persistently into her vagina. Her screams turned into a whisper again and I could distinguish the words. “I can no longer … I will die … no, let me go … I’m scared … I will die …”. She asked me to stop, to stop, but at the same time whispered “more … more …”. She arched all over, spread her arms, grabbed the covers of the sofa with her nails. I saw that the moment had come, and continued to caress her. She seemed to choke in her own moans, then screaming, then whispering something unintelligible … I felt that she was being electrocuted, she trembled and almost every moment shook violently and relaxed with a groan, but then the next blow seemed to pierce her …

After a few moments, she fell on the bedspread, pulled me to her, pressed her whole body to me and relaxed a little. So we lay there for a while, until her quiet voice rang out … “May I have some water? You are welcome”. I broke off and rushed to the kitchen.

He returned with a glass, she had already put on her panties, threw my shirt over her shoulders. Sits on the edge of the sofa, barefoot, disheveled, in a man’s shirt. “Just like a child,” I thought again. I gave her a glass and went to the window, opened the doors, took out a cigarette and a lighter. I stand, smoke, thoughts in my head begin to gain clarity.

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