Tears of a stranger. Part 2

The pies were eaten in a kind of awkward silence. She was still looking out the window, beyond which it was completely dark. And I furtively glanced over her small, but very tender and delicious breasts, covered with a thin T-shirt fabric. It was difficult to force myself to stop staring at her beautiful bare knees peeking out from under her denim miniskirt. All this time, she chastely kept her legs tightly closed, not giving me a chance to find out the color of her panties.

I had to go to the final one, and at each station I waited with bated breath that now she would get up, smile at me goodbye and leave. And I will never see her again. But she did not even listen to the name of the halts, which the announcer called.

Finally, his cheerful voice announced the final station and in an instructive tone asked everyone to leave the cars, threatening administrative responsibility for being on a train following a dead end. We obediently got up from our familiar places and went out onto the deserted platform.

  • Do you know when the train will be in the opposite direction? Alice suddenly asked me.
  • In the opposite direction? … – I was surprised at her question. – So after all … in the morning only about six, I think.
  • I see. Is there a station here?
  • Well … like a train station …

I pointed to a small two-story building. On the ground floor there were cash desks and administrative offices. The second was a waiting room with several shops. But it is always closed at night, since the movement of commuter trains is suspended.

  • Well, well … So I’ll wait here. – sadly stated the girl and plopped down on the bench that stood right at the platform.

I finally understood that she was not driving somewhere specifically, but wherever her eyes were looking. That is, she was not traveling anywhere at all, but rather from somewhere. Or from someone. And now she just has nowhere to go. Pretending that I was also in no hurry, I sat down next to me. It was impossible to leave her alone and spend the night on this bench!

  • Alice … Probably, this is none of my business, but it seems to me that if I leave now, I will then regret it for the rest of my life. Let’s talk?
  • No, please, just not this! … – she begged, her voice almost broke into a cry.

I nodded understandingly, paused for a while and suggested:

  • Good. Then we’ll just sit here until morning and be quiet.

Alice said nothing. She turned away, closed her eyes tightly, and pressed her lips together. I could see her profile now. The small tremor of her chin indicated that she was about to cry.

  • Do you know what … Better come to me. You will rest, you will have a good sleep like a human being. I have a dacha here in ten minutes walk. I promise not to bother with questions and idle conversations – just an overnight stay.

To my surprise, the girl didn’t mind. She wiped away a tear with her finger, took a deep breath, then nodded almost immediately, as if that was what she expected from me.

  • That is great! – I was delighted.

We simultaneously got up and walked towards the exit.

  • How far to go?
  • Well no! I say, about ten minutes. Running – six, I checked!

She did not react to the joke. But I was also glad that at least she wasn’t crying.

  • Oh !!! – Alice caught herself, – and I will not embarrass anyone there with my appearance?
  • No, no! There is no one there, just me. That is, only we will be there … The house is not a mansion, of course, but everything is better than this open-air stool.

On the way, I was afraid that she would change her mind and run away from me back to her shop. In order not to lose contact with her, I briefly commented on local attractions such as a food stall and the house of the chairman of the dacha association. And then for some reason he told a bearded anecdote “about an American, a Frenchman and a Russian.” Oddly enough, this time she giggled softly at the end.

Finally, we were there. I turned on the light, put the kettle on the stove and turned on the gas. A package of sliced ​​sausage was found in the refrigerator. We ate sandwiches, drank tea and jam. And then we listened to the nightingales on the veranda. All the awkwardness finally disappeared. She liked my somewhat snobbish humor and self-irony. She herself began to joke in response in a similar way. I even began to notice in her eyes some kind of lively mischievous light. I really wanted to hug her and kiss her.

And when I was almost about to do it, she suddenly asked: “Where are you here? …”. I took her to a wooden structure right next to the fence and turned on the light. He himself returned to the house to prepare a sleeping place for her. At the same time, ideas were ripening in my head as to how to dissolve a cheerful girl for sex.

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