Tears of a stranger. Part 3

Apart from the kitchen, my house has only one large living room. In the far corner is the one and a half bed, which I usually sleep on when I arrive. I always have a set of clean linen in case of guests. I spread out the sofa and spread the starched bed on it.

The guest did not return for a long time, I even got worried. Looking out into the courtyard, I heard the water rustling in the summer shower. I was flattered that Alice felt at home, and therefore trusted me. A picture appeared before my eyes, how this beauty is now, undressed, and basking under the streams of water that had been heated up during the day in a black barrel.

When she returned, she looked somewhat embarrassed but very pleased. I led her into the room, and I went out to give her the opportunity to get ready for bed and lie down. For about ten minutes I listened to the nightingales alone on the veranda and thought about what and how to do in order to push Alice to intimacy. When the switch flipped and the light went out, I returned to the house with excitement and in the darkness began to make my way to my bed.

  • Good night! – I wished my guest.
  • Good night! – came in response, but not from the sofa.

Turning on my phone screen, I lit my bed with a dim light. On it, against the very wall, covered with a blanket up to her neck, lay Alice. Rather, it seemed to me so. Then I shone on the guest sofa and made sure that she really wasn’t there.

  • But I … – something vaguely escaped me, and the hand with the telephone stretched out to the side by itself.
  • Sasha, don’t be afraid of me, lie down! The bed is so wide, and I hardly kick in my sleep …

Frankly, this is my first time. I usually put in a lot of effort, seducing, persuading, or even persuading a stranger to surrender to me. And then, it turns out, they made me have sex! All I had to do was not to be a complete idiot, so as not to ruin everything.
• • •
I didn’t find a condom, and I decided to enter it completely naked. My lips slid down her cheek, temple and neck. I breathed in through my nose deeply the smell of this young female. My moist exhalations through my mouth covered her neat ear. She lay on my back beneath me and was thrilled in anticipation of my weapon gaining courage and opening the quivering collar between her legs.

And now, finally, the elastic hot flesh increased the pressure and pressed on the closed folds of the girl’s crotch. The slippery moisture accumulated between them immediately enveloped the head of the long-awaited guest. The petals of the small lips parted, cordially letting in such a desirable male firmament deeper and deeper.

The girl has clearly not had a man for a long time. I understood this by the way she fluttered and almost purred under me when I began my first dive into her gentle girlish bowels. I entered her penis slowly but inevitably, enjoying the warmth and elastic compliance of the walls of her young vagina. And at the same time he listened to how the whole body of this passionate seducer was ringing with desire and excitement.

Having invaded the girl’s crack with a member to the ground, I felt how she barely perceptibly shuddered. She took a short breath, and her lower abdomen tensed for a moment. This happens when the head of the penis rests against the sensitive area located on the cervix. I was lucky – her pussy exactly matched the length of my organ. And now you can be sure that we will be able to give both of us a vivid pleasure, at the same time without fear of hurting her with too deep penetration.

I love to bring girls to orgasm. Especially when having sex for the first time, and especially if she is a stranger. Even my own orgasm does not bring such satisfaction, which I experience from the way the one that I did not even know a couple of hours ago groans and beats in genuine convulsions under me. And she, too, recently saw me for the first time. And now he lies under me with legs wide apart, waving at me with his bare ass and moaning lingeringly, oozing grease from the crack. And silently, or even aloud, they will beg even once or twice to plant her deeper.

But this is still ahead. Now I, having groped the bottom of her narrow cave, was going to step back to start these longed-for, maddening, to shaking pleasant movements in it. I felt the coolness of my head when it almost completely left the warm wet bosom. He waited a second and again smoothly directed his instrument into the girl’s crack.

Gradually, these movements became regular and smooth. I moved slowly, enjoying every millimeter of tight sliding in the narrow burrow between the legs of a young stranger. Opening her mouth, she breathed noisily, obeying my rhythm. Her head thrashed over the pillow. Long, wavy hair matted his handsome young face. This excited me even more, because it gave her image some kind of lustful unbridledness.

Quite recently, I did not even dare to speak to her for fear of being rejected. And now I enjoy the delicate pink, grease-lapping inner world of her most intimate place. And she not only does not mind, she is ready now to break up anyone who prevents me from doing this to her.

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