Tears of a stranger. Part 4

The girl was thrilled and trembling, reacting with passionate sniffing and quiet, enthusiastic sobs at each new intrusion into her by my tightly pumped hot blood cock. Having got rid of her clothes, and with it from all shame, she selflessly substituted her wet pussy for my penetrations. Her beautiful white wide-apart hips tightly wrapped around my sides. It seemed that she had long forgotten about all the hardships and worries that haunted her.

Suddenly Alice turned her head to the side and bit her bent index finger. Her eyes closed tightly, as it was at the very beginning, and she whimpered barely audibly. Frightened that I hurt the girl, I froze and bent over her little ear. Licking and sucking on the tender girl’s lobe, he asked in a quiet whisper:

  • All is well?..

She nodded twice in return and wiped away her tears. And I continued to move in her, not ceasing to whisper to her a tirade of gentle words. My scion, stiff with passion, burst open, dove and caressed her sweet girl. Soon in the silence of the room, rhythmic chomping sounds characteristic of violent intercourse began to be heard. I will never confuse with anything these sounds, which the crack of a lustful beauty mad with excitement makes under me.

Her soft but firm nipples rubbed against my hairy chest. Our sweaty bellies touched tightly and glided nicely. She puffed under me and was wet as a mouse. And I fried and fried her in her naked pussy without any gum. The head of a member deeply thrust into her slit at each entry rested on the girl against the far wall of her pale pink corridor.

We rocked on the waves of pleasure for quite some time, reveling in each other’s bodies. She was biting her pink lips, then gasping for air. Her slender legs were closed in a lock behind my lower back, and short but sharp nails on her fingers scratched my back pleasantly. And yet, I felt like a captain on this voyage. Because she was now planted with her naked pussy on my hot and hard kukan, and her soft round ass obediently rolled, crumpled and bounced on the mattress under my onslaught.

During this time, I could already give her to cum twice. But every time, feeling that one more movement – and she would explode under me with an orgasm, I made this movement, but a little later and a little weaker than she expected. In response, she crossed her bare feet on my ass, nudging me convulsively, urging me not to slow down. Then I temporarily increased the pressure, forcing her little ass to jump under me on the crumpled sheet.

After that, she was covered with small creeps, which quickly passed. And new portions of slippery and hot grease oozed from her slit. This made me, forgetting about tactics, more violently and more often hammer and string on myself this shameless little girl. She accompanied the first few especially strong and deep penetrations with loud, abrupt “Ah! AND! AND!…”.

For the third time, I finally realized that I was no longer able to restrain this volcano, ready to erupt, that lies and groans under me, shamelessly substituting its lust splashing lust under my pushes. I knew that once this girlish eruption began, it would be unstoppable.

Remembering that now I am a stranger without a condom, I was not going to cum inside her. But I wanted madly to bring her to orgasm. By any means, even at the cost of not ending myself. It seemed to me that I could delay my orgasm and have time to take out my penis at the last moment and pour out sperm on her stomach. But it happened differently …

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