Tears of a stranger. Part 5

For a moment she stopped breathing, she suddenly tensed her whole body and, shouting a loud “YEAA !!! …”, began to arch her body, bulging her pubis upwards and with all her might thrust her ending shameless charm on me. She threw me up several times. I got up and saw how the wide-open mouth of her labia, shiny with lubrication, literally swallows my trunk to the ground. Her upturned clitoris, stiffened by long friction, now rears up and pulsates, echoing the lightning bolts of ecstasy piercing the beautiful girl’s body.

At the same time, my volcano, of course, also could not be curbed or slowed down. Three powerful jets of semen immediately hit one after another, irrigating from the inside all her unprotected genitals. Then she again flopped down on the bed with her bare booty. I leaned on top and began to polish the orgasm still beating in the female body with a few dozen more not too strong, but so sweet and desirable for both of us frictions.

Unable to catch her breath, the girl lay under me. Her body, relaxing with every second, shook from my thrusts. I put one hand on her buns, so warm, sweaty and slippery from the abundant spilled lubricant and sperm flowing from the crack. My already slightly fallen organ still served as a piston, squeezing out dull white warm and sticky streams. They beat with a fountain, spread over the lips and pubis and rushed into the hollow of the girl’s ass. My finger smeared them and rubbed them into her tightly closed anus ring.
• • •
We didn’t get any sleep that night. At first we lay for a long time, hugging each other, and were silent. Then we talked. I promised not to bother with questions. But she herself decided to tell me about the misadventures of her short married life. Then they talked about the past, about her school friends, about the dog who lived in the village with her grandparents. Yes, a lot more about what …

And then we had sex again with her. Even crazier and more passionate than the first. And then another … I put her on all fours in front of me and stared from behind, holding my bare ass with my hands. Then he lay down on his back and let the rider saddle himself on top. She finished with me four times that night. I’m smaller. But, as I said, this is completely irrelevant, because for me only girlish orgasms are really valuable.

In the morning she absolutely had to be in the city. I took her to the station and bought a ticket. We spent this crazy night with her. I finished inside her several times without a condom and brought her myself to several mind-blowing orgasms. But now I did not dare to ask to leave my phone number. Why? Yes, precisely because she was still formally married.

However, I suppose it won’t be for long now. Because I still asked her for the number. We communicate, and who knows what all these meetings with her will lead to … Be that as it may, during sex with me she no longer cries.

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